Chile: who are Boric’s 42 special guests for the presidential inauguration

Gabriel Boric becomes president of Chile after extensive period transition which runs from December 21, 2021 to March 11.

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The handover ceremony in which President Sebastián Piera will hand power to the new president of Chile will be a milestone for the Chilean and Latin American left.

At 36, with a renovated feminist profile and a past as a student leader who promoted protests against university fees and the pension system, she represents a new generation of progressive leaders ruling outside traditional parties.

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That’s why in tradition ceremony at the National Congress very special guests chosen by Gabriel Boric himself will come from different parts of the world.

“The future president would like to invite various people who are committed to the cause of democracy and the struggle for Human Rights and the dignity of people‘, reported his comrades.

In addition to the president and diplomatic representatives, invited by protocol, such as Argentine president Alberto Fernández, international political leaders will be present at the ceremony, such as former presidents of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff; former vice president of Bolivia, lvaro Garcia Linera; British legislators and MPs, Jeremy Corbyn;

Among the special guests was the former president of Brazil Dilma Rousseffmusician Peter Aznarpoet Ral Zurita and Gustavo Gatica, the Colombian senator and presidential candidate,
Gustavo Petro and president of the Bolivian Senate, Andrnico Rodrguez.

Among the representatives of Argentina stands out Carlotto inscriptionpresident Grandma Plaza de Mayo Argentina, Searchita Roamembers of Grandma Plaza de Mayo Argentina, Rita Segatoacademia and feminist activist from Argentina, Victor Herediacomposer and singer-songwriter from Argentina and Peter Aznarcomposer and singer-songwriter from Argentina.

They will also attend Gioconda Bellinicaraguan writer, Manuel CastellYes, academic and former minister of Spain, Kitty Tavrezvice president Alianza País of the Dominican Republic, Irene MonteroMinister of Equality of Spain, Sigrid BaznCongressman from Peru, Jose Horacio Rodriguezmember of the Chamber of Deputies of the Dominican Republic, Juliano Medeirospresident of the Brazilian Socialism and Freedom Party, Vernika Mendozoa, former Peruvian presidential candidate and Anielle Francodirector of the Marielle Franco Institute in Brazil.

Another Chilean special guest is Gustavo Gatica, poet Rto Zurita, Jos Prez Debelli, president of the National Association of Fiscal Employees; Silvia Silvathe president of the Center for Labor Unions (CUT); Gaby Riverathe president of the Association of Relatives of the Missing-Detained Persons; alice the harppresident of the Association of Relatives of Executed Politicians; Francisca Rodrguezpresident of the National Association of Rural and Indigenous Women (Anamuri) and Miss FernndezWriter.

boric tambin a invitation native representative, including from the Aymara, Chango, Selk’nam, Licanantay, Diaguita, Quechua, Colla, Kaw Qar, Yagn, Mapuche, Lafkenche, and Rapa Nui communities. In addition to members of the community of Afro descent.

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