China becomes first power to experiment with 6G network

By Ana Carolina Barsallo (digital journalist)

Panama City | 01/19/2022 – 09:07

Two months after launching the world’s first 6G test satellite, China achieved real-time speeds 10 to 20 times faster than 5G. Several countries warned that this transmission equipment could be a method of spying for Asian tycoons.

China is ahead of the rest of the world, and in January 2022 succeeded in setting a new global standard for 6G cell phones. The tests took place at the Purple Mountain laboratory and were supported by the Chinese government, Shanghai’s Fudan University and China Mobile, the world’s largest telephone company. They managed to have a continuous transmission of 206.25 gigabits per second in real time, which is 10 to 20 times faster than the 5G network that some rely on, and their goal is to reach 1,000 gigabits per second.

Given this, if the United States or any other country in Europe does not cope with their technological advances, they will have no choice but to stick with and follow China as the leader. Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post alleges that Chinese companies have registered 30% of the world’s more than 38,000 patents on the new 6G technology, placing the Asian country first. If other Western countries don’t want this, they have to show they can be technologically superior and offer new patents. However, this dilemma is nothing new for the powerful countries, because with 5G technology, China is leading the world’s implementation of the largest network on the planet, with 260 million connections covering all the country’s cities.

For countries such as New Zealand, Canada, Britain, among others, influenced by North American intelligence agencies, they argue that this Chinese transmission equipment may have a ‘cat locked’, because it can serve as a method of espionage, although they have no evidence. Unlike most, France and Germany did not ban Chinese providers on their 5G networks, only Germany warned telcos to have multiple providers.

Currently, China is the only power experimenting with this technology and they hope the operating system will be ready by 2023.

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