China mocks US and UK fears of Huawei with parody

This Tuesday, Chinese state media Xinhua post parody videos about their ‘spy’ fears WE you great Britain about chinese giant Huawei.

In the video, he introduces himself to two spy agents from the European country. After receiving a call with an ‘important mission’, agents “James Pond” speculate that Julian Assange may have escaped from prison or that Edward Snowden has been arrested. China.

The female agent, then, started looking for ways to study it, which is why she started seeing the “advanced espionage abilities of China” which, in fact, according to the video, are all typical of the United States.

Ab Yabba Dabba Doo?

The video continues to poke fun at the country with several phrases known as “Yabba Dabba Doo” from The Flintstones or “exSQUEEZEme”, which is the catchphrase of Wayne Campbell’s SNL character in the film. Wayne’s World from the 1990s.

Finally, Agent Pond was instructed not to buy the phone. Huawei by superiors because he “has the back door of a spy.” “How did you know I was going to buy a phone? Huawei?”, asked the character before learning that the CIA had been spying on him to find out. The solution? Got a CIA phone.

You can check out the weird video below.

China clearly sees the “hypocrisy” of technological espionage as a weak point for the United States in the Cold War of this kind of new technology. In February 2019, an executive from Huawei made a similar line of attack at Mobile World Congress, pointing to Edward Snowden’s disclosures as a reason to distrust US authorities on the espionage allegations.

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