Conade awards scholarships to athletes for use of social networks and criticism

The National Commission for Physical Culture and Sport (Conade) will condition scholarships to athletes who damage the “institutional image” on social networks or in statements to the media.

Rules for implementing the Physical Culture and Sports Program for the 2022 fiscal year, published on December 31 in the State Gazette of the Federation (DOF) requires athletes to avoid criticism and comments on sporting institutions.

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The document states that in the case of statements to the media, athletes must refrain from “unsubstantiated statements against national sports institutions, coaches or athletes.”

They are also required to be responsible for “all statements issued on any of the social networks in which I operate, I will strictly avoid harm to the institutional image and / or any of the representatives of the National System of Physical Culture and Sports.”

“I certify that if I do not comply with what is set forth in the field of discipline or do not achieve the aforementioned goals and commitments, I acknowledge the determination made by CONADE regarding the cancellation of my scholarship,” reads the published rules.

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