Coronavirus in Spain live today: new restrictions, mandatory masks, Omicron, vaccines …

Madrid recorded 1,011 cases

Madrid’s Minister of Community Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, has announced that cumulative incidence at 14 days registered this Wednesday in the region is 1,011 cases per 100,000 population, so having uploaded in 201.96 points in one day, but Escudero had emphasized that today Hospital pressure is “controlled”.

In a press conference after the Governing Council was held in the Madrid Assembly, where the regional budget for 2022 was approved, Escudero said that the increase in incidents was due to the fact that micron is already the main variant in 90 percent of cases.

“As you know, we have had several weeks where incidents in the region and throughout Spain have experienced c .trend change with a significant increase in the number of cases”, reveals the counselor, who has shown that, however, the disease presents with mild symptoms.

He had detailed that there was currently 969 inpatients, among them 806 put in plant you 163 in Intensive Care Unit (UCI), where, said Escudero, “The exponential growth of cases has not impacted the same proportion on the hospital share”.

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