Coronavirus.- UK breaks new daily record of coronavirus cases adding another 183,000


The Health Security Agency (UKHSA, for its acronym in English) has reported this Thursday the new daily maximum of coronavirus cases, after counting another 183,937 in the past 24 hours, as well as 57 more deaths.

This figure is inversely proportional to that recorded throughout last week, with a total of 119,789 cases and 147 deaths. Authorities attribute this significant increase to the progress of the omicron variant, which in the last 24 hours was responsible for 19,544 cases in the UK, representing a total of 229,666.

In total, since the health crisis erupted in March 2020, the UK has confirmed 12,559,926, the worst figure in all of Europe. The death toll from the disease has risen to 148,089.

The country’s hospitals and medical centers have warned of an “alarming” shortage of coronavirus tests, a fact confirmed by Health Minister Sajid Javid, who has stated that their use will be “restricted” at some point pending delivery of some 300 million tests. it will arrive for the month of February.

While the Scottish and Welsh governments have decided to shut down nightlife in the face of New Year’s celebrations and have banned celebrations in the streets, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has yet to introduce additional measures despite the progress of the pandemic and he has only asked citizens to celebrate “with caution.” heart” and “common sense.”

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