Costa del Sol Business School in Spain offering first class education

SCHELLHAMMER is a unique business school that offers a first class education.

Founded in 2009 by Dr. Eduard Schellhammer, renowned Swiss psychologist, educator and bestselling author, Schellhammer Business School is located in the walled district of Valle Romano, surrounded by natural and mountain views, and within easy reach of the lively towns of Puerto Banus and Marbella in Estepona. .

This unique business school is the first in southern Spain to offer unique and quality Swiss undergraduate and postgraduate programs: basic education, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business, marketing and hospitality, as well as psychology, humanities and international relations, all taught exclusively at English. .

Accredited by UK-based ASIC, all programs are offered through blended learning, face-to-face on campus or virtually, as well as through the ATHE accredited online platform.

The business school’s diverse spirit, strong emphasis on personal and academic development, and emphasis on human values ​​have attracted students from five continents and from more than 120 countries, making it a truly global endeavor. .

Schellhammer Business School offers a holistic approach to learning. Photo: Shelhammer Business School.

This education package includes the option to live on campus in high quality four-star accommodation: two bedrooms and two bathrooms, which can be shared exclusively with other students at very competitive rates.

Dean Evangelos Zografos stated, “We provide a holistic approach to education by providing students with all the tools, knowledge, skills and personal and business perspectives to develop their potential and advance the creation of institutions that contribute positively to their communities.”

Hundreds of Shelhammer School of Business graduates have so far worked in companies, pursuing their own businesses, while others have joined family businesses and carried on the legacy of businesses started by their parents or even grandparents.

Others have chosen to further their education by enrolling in European (London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​and Sweden so far) or American (so far New York, California, Florida, and South Carolina) institutions.

If you are looking for an institution of higher education with a focus and commitment to providing a high quality education, take a look at Schellhammer Business School.

Check it out the site is here

Shelhammer Business School

Cali Flaminio 2

Roman Valley Urbanization

29,680 Estepona

Call us by phone: 952,907,892

Contact us via WhatsApp: 659,314,958

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