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It is probable that Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut this weekend in a Manchester United jersey will not be broadcast on any network in England due to a ‘blackout’ at 15:00pm with no matches being broadcast at that time.

The move, in effect since the 60s, aims to encourage public entry into stadiums, especially in the minor leagues, preventing fans from preferring to stay at home watching games on television.

This will affect those who would like to see Cristiano Ronaldo return to wearing the Manchester United colors this Saturday at Old Trafford against Newcastle United. because none of the 3pm matches will be broadcast.

With the public’s return to stadiums this season (capacity allowed is 100%), the temporary ‘blackout’ suspension has ended and those time slot matches will not be visible on any English channels, but will be visible overseas.

The Portuguese footballer could be ready to take to the pitch this weekend, having appeared today for a second straight training session, having met Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on Tuesday in the sports city of Carrington. The Portuguese player got permission to travel to Manchester and meet his new team-mates after being suspended in the match between his side and Azerbaijan. EFE

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