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The world’s biggest music show is drawing near. The entertainment program “Adresse Troino” warmed up by discussing the songs that will be performed during this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Turin on May 14.

Dreams of being a presenter

A permanent celebrity panel with, among others, Gressvik rølperen Stian “Staysman” Thorbjørnsen will be included in all four programs. In addition, there is a new subject panel in each broadcast. And today, Saturday 30 May, the Hvaler girl Frøya Fluge is one of the four participants.

The event was presided over as usual by Marte Stokstad.

– I’m a big Marte fan. I actually dreamed of stealing his job, the 17-year-old girl laughed.

– Done badly

In 2015, when Frøya was ten years old and she saw Sweden win the Eurovision Song Contest with the contribution of «Heroes», she opened her eyes to a big musical circus.

That the song got the full 365 points, Frøya thought, was inappropriate.

– I thought it was done so badly that it had to win. There’s nothing special about that song. Then every now and then a flame appeared within me.

Holy points

Now the Hvaler girl is in grade 2 on the science path to Greåker high school, and still excited about a solid singing competition. Every year there is a Eurovision Song Contest in the Frøya family.

So when NRK calls an attendee for his professional panel, he sends a video.

– I am equally passionate about Eurovision and I dream of working with television. Most importantly, I want to be a presenter. So I just need to register.

The video from Frøya Fluge fascinated producers NRK.

– I have many opinions about Eurovision. He “Not everything I agree with, and I feel that my opinion on the songs should also be represented,” said the 17-year-old.

And added:

– I really can hate. But in elementary school I learned not to hate – so I’d rather say that I really dislike and get excited. Both 12-pointers and one-pointers are sacred. There’s also a knack for making bad songs that get a point.

– What song do you “hate”?

– The closest to the Eurovision song is last year’s contribution from the UK. In “Address Rotterdam” received a positive response. But I’ll give you one point, this one has nothing extra about it – it’s a generic pop list.

“Embers” finished in last place with no points.

– Collect Europe

– Why are you so fascinated by Eurovision?

– I like that all countries have the opportunity to represent their culture. This is a great way for Europeans to meet. And we gain insight into other people’s cultures.

Gave himself 12 points

The program that aired on Saturday was recorded earlier this month.

– I was so nervous but I thought no one was paying attention. I had never been in such a situation before, so I was afraid to defecate. After that I thought; why am I not stricter with North Macedonian and more friendly with Georgia.

– So what score would you like to give yourself?

– It would be very bad for me to give anything other than 12. Not because I’m so amazing, but because I got through it without getting nervous.

– In the end, who do you think will win this year’s competition?

– Last year I said before that Italy would win, this year I will not succeed. That was very clear with “Fairytale”, “Euphoria” and last year’s winner. But this year has been very difficult, says Frøya.

And added:

– For some reason I have a little feeling in France this year, but it would be nice if Spain won. And then I hope Italy doesn’t win, then I will be disappointed!

Eurovision Song Contest

  • The 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will be held on 10 May, 12 May and 14 May 2022 in Turin.
  • Italy hosted after the band Måneskin left with a triumphant song “Zitti e buoni” in 2021.
  • Initially, 41 countries will participate in the competition. But after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, appeared several participating countries to talk and wants Russia to be excluded from the competition.
  • How participating countries choose their artists is up to each country. Many, including Norway, organize finals where spectators vote for their favourites, while representatives of other countries are appointed internally by national broadcasters.

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