Daily Coffee | Great Britain: The fall, finally, of Boris Johnson

Time and again he seemed to fall, but somehow Boris Johnson managed to avoid it. That resilience is ingrained into his character and political legend: his ability to twist the hands of political destiny that to others is unavoidable, the courage to deny the obvious and keep on winning, at least for the time he reigns. But for the British Prime Minister added time added scandal and yesterday he discovered that he too can overflow the back of a camel. Boris Johnson finally saw how the realities of rebellion within his own party overthrew an increasingly fictitious leadership, and he tendered his resignation.

For the Conservative Party it remains a challenge to appoint a successor capable of overcoming scandal and keeping the party in power. On the other hand, the Labor Party will be forced to change its strategy, depending on who they have to fight. To Boris Johnson himself, fate seems even more uncertain. As he determines the next steps for a dubious career after reaching its peak, history has already begun to process questions about his legacy.

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How did Boris Johnson end up falling? What will be the fate of British politics next? Today at El Café Diario we spoke with Javier Sajuria, professor of political science at Queen Mary University of London. He spoke to us exactly from the British capital.

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