Danish police raid the Tour de France . hotel

On Thursday morning, Copenhagen Police were present at the Scandic Hotel in Glorstrup. Bahrain Victory Team confirmed in a press release that this is about them.

OUTSIDE: Police outside the hotel on Thursday morning.

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“The police searched the team’s car, as well as the rooms of the support officers and cyclists. The team fully cooperated with the police’s request. The search was completed within two hours. No items were confiscated from the team,” he said. Press conference of the Bahrain Victorious cycling team.

Copenhagen police stated that the attack took place at the request of the French authorities. Therefore, the French police have helped in the action. The raids began at 05:30 Norwegian time. Copenhagen police referred to French police for further comment.

“Following a police search, the team is now looking forward to focusing on the biggest and best cycling race in the world, the Tour de France,” read the statement to Bahrain Victorious.

Danske Ekstra Bladet was present at the hotel and mentioned the case first. This year’s Tour de France race kicks off in the Danish capital on Friday.

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Also earlier this week, the police took action against the Bahrain team. Then the team wrote the following in a press release.

“The team feels that the timing of this investigation is meant to intentionally damage the team’s reputation”, it says on the team’s website.

Also last year Bahrain Victory Team raided by police. At that time, as many as 50 police officers were involved in the raid that took place in the middle of the Tour de France.

IN THE HIGHLIGHTS: Team Bahrain Victorious is in the spotlight of the police before the start of the Tour. The race starts on Friday.

Actions at that time did not result in any penalties against the team or its riders.

This time, police are said to have raided addresses in Spain, Portugal and Slovenia. According to the Velonews website, the action was coordinated by Europol.

– This tells me that the police are not satisfied with the answers they receive. And that they are constantly looking for evidence of something. Police clearly believe they have reason to investigate further, former professional cyclist Mads Kaggestad told VG Monday.

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