David Beckham, gave his son a 1954 Lunaz Jaguar XK140 electric to celebrate his wedding

“By creating the Jaguar XK140, we are honored to bridge the gap between the professional life of David Beckham, of which he is an investor in Lunaz, and the lives of his family. This amazing car is the perfect gift for your son, Brooklyn, and your daughter-in-law, Nicola, on their wedding day. In every way, this extraordinary classic electric car from Lunaz represents a bright and positive future.”
David Lorenz, Founder and CEO, Lunazo

Lunaz investor David Beckham gifted his son, Brooklyn, and daughter-in-law, Nicola, an all-electric Jaguar XK140 Open Two Seater (OTS) as a gift to celebrate their eldest son’s wedding in Palm Beach, FL. , UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

This clean air classic, tailor-made by Beckham, is the product of thousands of hours worked by the company’s strong team of 120 electric vehicle (EV) craftsmen, designers and technicians, and was built entirely in-house at Lunaz in Silverstone. , English.

This 1954 XK140 is decorated in a beautiful light blue color. Every Lunaz customer has the opportunity to name their unique color. At the request of the client, the name of this particular color will remain confidential.

The completely restored and refurbished interior is presented in light beige, offering a contemporary expression to the car’s classic aesthetic. Like all Lunaz classics, modern technology is quietly hidden. The dials and switches accurately reflect Jaguar’s original design, but with subtle updates to provide battery level information and operate contemporary functions.

Drivers will also benefit from improved brakes, suspension and steering; making Britain’s most famous automotive icon a car to drive and enjoy every day.

In June 2021, Beckham announced that he would invest in Lunaz, the UK’s fastest growing clean technology company. Since then, the company has grown rapidly, increasing its workforce by 200% and will soon set up the UK’s largest electrification and remanufacturing facility next to its current headquarters at Silverstone Technology Park. This brings Lunaz’s total manufacturing footprint to 210,000 square feet, making it the largest company in the world-renowned Silverstone technology cluster by space and employee.

This expansion will see Lunaz enter full production of Recycled Electric Vehicles (UEV) for industrial applications. In fact, the company recently introduced a fully electrified recycling dump truck in the world. This approach responds to the growing global need to chart a much more sustainable direction for the transition from passenger and industrial vehicles to clean air powertrains.

By recycling and electrifying, essentially bringing the vehicle back to a new factory standard, Lunaz saves 80% of its embedded carbon instead of replacing it with a new one. It also saves significant capital, making upcycling a cleaner, better and greener route to rebalancing the global fleet towards electric powertrains.

The company recently announced the conclusion of a private investment round until 2021. This includes the introduction of the Beckham family, Barclay, Reuben and Dalal as major shareholders.

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