Demolition report: – Unacceptable

Norwegian Football Association president Lise Klaveness did not hold back her criticism of the International Football Association (FIFA) as she stood on the podium in Qatar on Saturday.

Klaveness criticized FIFA’s handling of when they awarded Qatar the title in 2010, and how football is not responsible for the conditions of migrant workers and human rights abuses.

On Thursday, Amnesty also issued a disappointing report on working conditions in Qatar.

Three of the eight security companies Amnesty has contacted have been used by the International Football Association (Fifa). One of these companies is still in use, Amnesty claims in report.

Several companies have documented forced labour. Employees must work unintentionally and are threatened if they violate strict company rules, writes NRK.

– When we find it so easy they don’t work according to the law, it shows that they haven’t done their job. They barely do the job, and that shows how important it is to put pressure on FIFA, Amnesty Secretary General John Peder Egenæs told the channel.

– The person everyone wants to talk to

Forced to work

The report indicated that security guards were forced to work in conditions known as forced labour. The 60-hour work week limit is frequently violated, and employees are deprived of rest for months or years.

In addition, workers receive different wages depending on which country they come from, and they are deducted from their wages if they are sick.

– We have spoken to 59 workers and none of them said that “together we are fine”. Instead, they spoke of deplorable living conditions, forced labor, and working outdoors in very hot summers, Egens told VG.

Mourinho will pick up Solbakken

Mourinho will pick up Solbakken

FIFA: does not accept harassment

Around 85 per cent of workers in the security sector work at least twelve hours a day, and this is the case of the Qatari security company that FIFA uses.

– FIFA does not accept any form of harassment against workers in companies involved in the preparations for the 2022 World Cup, FIFA responded to the criticism.

A spokesman said that inspections had been carried out. This reveals a problem that has been addressed. Fifa wrote to NRK that “we are not afraid to take firm action against such companies cooperating with the Ministry of Manpower”.

CAPTURED: On Wednesday morning, NRK journalists Halvor Ekeland and Lokman Ghorbani landed at Oslo Airport after being arrested on a reporting trip to Qatar. They explained that they were arrested after an interview with the World Cup boss. Image from NRK.
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Qatar admits violation

Qatar admits workers were exploited while working for FIFA in preparation for the World Cup, the AP news agency wrote.

– This violation is completely unacceptable and led to a number of actions, such as several companies being listed on a watch list and blacklisted to avoid working on future projects, including for FIFA, said a statement from World Cup organizers.

- Falls because of his own impropriety

– Falls because of his own impropriety

Criticism of Amnesty

Qatar’s Ministry of Manpower continues to believe that Amnesty is selective in what cases it uncovers and does not mention “thousands of success stories that testify to Qatar’s progress”.

– Qatar has repeatedly said that systematic reform is a long-term process and changing the behavior of all companies takes time. The reality is that no other country has gone so far, so quickly, but for some the pace of change will not be fast enough, the ministry wrote in an email to NRK.

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