Didn’t hear anything before the national team crash: – Disappointing

VALLE (VG) When Ada Hegerberg returned to strengthen the national team, Elise Thorsnes (33) was suddenly eliminated. How it happened, the top scorer at Toppserien makes no sense.

LEADING FORM: Elise Thorsnes and striker Agnte Nielsen (left) train with Vlerenga before Sunday’s highlight match against Brann in Toppserien.

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Thorsnes, who was recently with the national team during the encounter in Portugal in February, was not informed of the wreckage before the World Cup qualifiers against Kosovo and Poland.

– I haven’t heard anything from the national team since the meeting in the Algarve. I feel disappointed when you are in the national team for 16 seasons. Then you can get a phone call and be informed before you go out with the national team selection. It’s a little awkward to hear from a journalist that the others are in a meeting without you and getting ready to have Ada back. You don’t know yourself, Thorsnes told VG.

The Vålerenga striker had no problems with the outlet himself.

– It might be a bit as expected. I’m probably the person most closely resembles Ada in style of play. Celin (Bizet Ildhusy) and Karina (Sævik) are slightly different types of tips. Then it might be natural to drop the person who most closely resembles Ada.

On previous occasions, he had been briefed by the coach and given an explanation.

– Then it’s easier to accept choices, said the VIF striker.

MINISTRY OF FAITH: Elise Thorsnes and Martin Sjögren together before the 2017 European Championships.

– Have you given up on your dream of joining the women’s soccer team at the European Championships in England this summer?

– I have played a number of championships and know what they are in. Right now I’m really only focused on Vlerenga. Here I have a daily life that I enjoy, with a coach (Nils Lexerød) who believes in me a lot and has given me confidence since he came. It has given me the joy of football back. I developed very well at the club and that resulted in a lot of goals. Then it’s up to Martin (Sjögren) and the others to get the national team out.

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During Martin Sjögren’s time as manager, he has played 33 international matches. Since his debut in May 2006, Thorsnes has played 130 international games – and that’s at most places on the pitch. The 33-year-old is not ready anymore.

– It’s not something I’m afraid of because I’ve experienced so much in the national team. If you want to take part in the European Championships and become the fourth choice, it might be better to let go of a young girl aged 17-18 who sees this as the biggest dream of her life and gains championship experience. I think I have something to do there. With the experience I have and the form I am in now, people will think that I have something to contribute. “I can’t do anything but what I do here at the club,” Thorsnes said when VG met him at VIF training before Sunday’s summit against Brann.

National team manager Martin Sjögren has been alerted to the criticism from Thorsnes, but has yet to respond to VG.

Thorsnes – like VIF – had a solid start to the season. Vålerenga are unbeaten and stand on a 22-1 goal difference. Thorsnes has contributed to eight goals (six goals / two assists), and has scored more league goals than last season.

– I can play this year. That helps, because it’s difficult to score from the bench. We had a coach last year who didn’t see my value. I have it this year and I am so grateful for it. Now it’s a lot of fun playing for Vålerenga. We played in a way this year that gave me more chances in the box. There will be more posts and then I have good people behind me who are good at messing with me. I am old, but I still have a lot in me. I may have been lazy for years, but that’s not stupid either. I don’t think there are so many better than me in the “box” – at least not in Norway.

On Sunday, Vålerenga faced his first major test when Brann came to visit. Both teams have won seven in a row.

– This fight is handsome. Then put a bit of a damper on the whole that the series system is like that. Had it been a regular league game, this match would have meant more than it does now. We and Brann match each other well, and I think it will be an even match. I’m not afraid of Brann like I was last year. Vlerenga this season is another version. “We don’t have high shoulders, people are developing really well, we play in different ways with players in familiar roles and take advantage of each other’s strengths,” said Elise Thorsnes.

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