Died after being stabbed – VG

ENGINEERING CRIME: Police carried out an investigation at the scene on Wednesday.

The man who was stabbed at Sandnes on Wednesday died in hospital on Saturday, police attorney Mats Lerum stated in a press release.


A man in his 30s was arrested shortly after the incident.

– He is now charged with murder, wrote Lerum.

Formerly Stavanger Aftenblad who was the first to report that the man was dead.

The incident took place outside a resident’s house, and shortly before the stabbing, a witness is said to have seen the accused, knife in hand, chasing the now dead man.

The dead man, who was brought unconscious to hospital after the stabbing, was in his 20s. On Wednesday, he was on the operating table, but his life could not be saved.

The defendant was detained for four weeks on Friday. At a prison meeting, he pleaded guilty to attempted murder, for which he was charged.

– This has become an opportunity

The man’s defense attorney, Tor Inge Borgersen, said: Stavanger Aftenblad Thursday that his client admitted he was the one holding the knife. According to Borgersen, the client did not seek self-defense.

– No. There was no question of self-defense or provocation, but it was clear that there was an opportunity here. I don’t want to go into details, said Borgersen.

Lerum has confirmed to the paper that those involved knew each other beforehand, but would not go into detail about what relationship they had.

Defenders of VG: Living together

To VG on Saturday, Lerum confirmed that the deceased and the accused shared a residence.

– They live together, said the defense attorney.

He didn’t want to say anything more about the relationship between them or the reason for the current stabbing.

Police have in recent days conducted interrogations of suspects and witnesses, as well as carrying out seizures, they wrote in a press release, where they also said that it was too early to comment on the reasons or motives.

For investigative reasons, the police are not willing to share any further information until the next few days, they further wrote.

– I’ll visit him on Monday, and check the new charges and let him know about it. I’ll have a witness examination and explanation with him – if he can accept this, Lerum’s attorney told VG.

The lawyer did not want to answer what the condition of the defendant was like.

LAWYER: Tor Inge Borgersen is the accused man’s defense. Pictured here in relation to another case in 2019.

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