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Shutterstock advertisement today launched the Annual Creative Trends Report: Creative Trends Report. Based on search data from global Shutterstock users, this year’s interactive report predicts that time and space themes will dominate creative projects and marketing campaigns by 2022. Also new to this year’s report is data analysis from Which highlights the type of content that has the highest click-through rate. Give creatives and marketers alike the insight to create and innovate with confidence.

The pandemic has changed the concept of time for many people; As time passes and activity absorbs us, the passage of time is processed differently. Data from Shutterstock shows that by 2022, creatives are expected to visualize a common sense of losing track of time and space as they develop new realms, eras, and possibilities in their marketing materials. As virtual spaces grow in popularity, this year’s report puts users directly in the metaverse through enhanced interactive experiences. Allows them to explore creative trends through personalized avatars.

“When we take a close look at what the global Shutterstock community is looking for. It is clear that 2022 will be a year defined by pushing traditional boundaries and exploring the unknown.” said Flo Lau, Creative Director of Shutterstock. “There is a sense of wanderlust and a desire to explore the fantastic and the mysterious. This year’s trend captures just that. From the arid desert landscapes of the West to the neon highlights of a futuristic skyline. This year is ready to test the limits of our imagination.”

The 6 Creative Trends for 2022 fall into two thematic categories: time and space.

Fantastic (14th century):

Reflecting the world’s obsession with medieval tales like Game of Thrones and The Witcher, the popularity of the Middle Ages continued to grow. Words like medieval buildings (+6.496%), ancient shields (+2.858%) and templars (+831%) most searched. When creatives and marketers travel back in time to visit a world of drama and adventure. According to Shutterstock data, the content that receives the most clicks includes towers, cups and axes, with castles being the most popular.

The Terrible (Modern Era):

Creepy stuff like Egyptian mummies (+6.923%), wild animals (+3.623%) and harvesters (+388%) They’re not just for Halloween. Shutterstock’s search pattern suggests that the horror and thriller genres are returning, with a particular focus on a dystopian and post-apocalyptic future.

Way West (18th and 19th centuries):

With a search from wild horses, for example, increased by 1.961%, the data shows an increase in interest in cowboy culture, wild west atmosphere and fields and meadows. Western-themed images and videos quickly rose to the top of marketing favorites lists, and navajo pattern they have grown in popularity by 225% over the past year.

Back on the road (Modern Era):

Confinement has created a need to travel for millions of people around the world. User search bicycles on roads (+14.911%), mountain trails (+5.763%), and badlands (+487%) in their interest to explore unknown territory and less traveled roads from the comfort of their own home. The content that received the most clicks includes luggage and also mountains.

Cyberpunk is not dead (2100s):

In a world that is constantly innovating and breaking down technological barriers, it’s no surprise that creatives are heading for a high-tech aesthetic with night city view, fractal background (+2.955%) and female avatar (+1.503%) to keep up with the changes. The content that received the most clicks includes power outlets, webcams and LEDs.

What is cooking? (modern era):

Worldwide lockdowns are encouraging people to return to the kitchen and find inspiration in every corner of the globe. Search for regional specialties and ingredients like Porcini Mushrooms (+2.566%), Takoyaki (+2.024%) and Panna Cotta (+435%) is on the rise as creatives and marketers seek food inspiration near and far. The content that received the most clicks includes pretzels and cupcakes.

In addition to uncovering these six global trends, Shutterstock has localized trend reports for the first time for some of its key markets: Brazil, France, Japan, US and UK. This national report highlights each of the three main future trends for these countries, such as: “The art of living”” In Japan you “Dragons (again and again)” in the US, using local search and generated click data. In addition, the 2022 Trends Report also informs global audiences of the top local search terms from 26 different countries, from Chile to Norway.

For some experts in Mexico, this report will be a turning point in their creative process that they will embark on in 2022.”We have to find ways to turn it around and do things differently, as they say, as creative people we have a responsibility to reinterpret these ideas and trends inspire us and help us in our task of going beyond the traditional and seeking the unknown and new.said Yuri Ornelas, Trend Scouter of C&A Mexico. Offering valuable information about key search terms will allow creatives to design consumer-focused campaigns.

“With this I have the clarity to focus, reconfigure and propose data. Data is the basis for the elaboration of ideas, because otherwise generating ideas based on hypotheses brings us closer to being more artists than creatives”, he comments. Gabriela Paredes, Head of MBCS at Mediabrands / President of the Mexican Creative Circle. Providing creatives and marketers with the knowledge to create and innovate with confidence and freedom is important to Shutterstock. “It makes our work more enjoyable, without limits; opens up a much wider margin for experimentation, specialization, and above all, collaboration.” shared Gustavo Castillo, CCO & Creative Director of COOLHUNTERMX.

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