Disney Plus will soon receive all Marvel series

A few days ago, Disney confirms that all programs Wonder from Netflixthey have to migrate to Disney Plusbut he did it in such a seamless way that few comment on it, because even the Canadian public was one of the few to know that this March, changes would be made, and well, now we know that indeed, the six series will make the leap. similar to the streaming service itself. Disney.

But don’t worry, so far it’s only been confirmed that this series’ availability changes will be limited to certain regions: United States of America, Canada, great BritainIreland, Australia and New Zealandbecause of the series Wonder original from Netflix have certain contracts depending on the area, however, Disney has reported that soon, the rest of the world will also comply with this change, as the year goes on.

So now what? Disney announced that in mid-March: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron fist, defender, Judge and SHIELD agent from ABC will start airing on Disney Plus along with all other superhero programs from Wonderwhich could be a clear sign of the future of these characters in the MCU.

All this through the press release, shared this morning, where the president of the transmission Disney, Michael Paulframing the imminent return of IP as further branding Wonder and as a kind of evolution of Disney Plus as a platform.

“We have had great success with this at Disney Plus in our global marketplace and will continue to do so here in the US as well by offering our consumers not only great content, but a suite of features that help ensure a great viewing experience. more suitable for them. and his family”said Paul.

Interestingly, this study has chosen a route Disney Plus instead of moving the Defenders and company. to Hulu, where R-rated movies and TV-MA shows featuring characters from Wonder What Dead pool and MODOK.

But we assume that it should be handled because you want to center most of the characters in your main channel, therefore Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron fist, defender, Judge, SHIELD agent they will arrive at Disney Plus on March 16 in the countries mentioned.

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