Do underwear need to be changed every day?

In Your doctor We talked to you about how often you should change and wash your bra, trousers is another intimate attire that is important for you to know if should change it daily or you can occupy it for a few more days.

Even though there are clothes like denim I do not know should keep washing because the fabric is worn and with many washings it gives a bad appearance to the clothes, there are others who do it should change every daythat trousers is it one of them?

That trousers I know should change every day?

According to a study on Tommy John45 percent of the population in WE spend 2 days or more with the same thing underwear.

Meanwhile at great Britain percentage of men who repeat trousers more than one day is 18 percent, in France rose to 27 percent.

In the case of women, the opposite was radical: 93 percent of them changed trousers daily in the UK, whereas in France it is 91 percent.

An explanation for this difference in usage underwear it can be caused by many factors; the most obvious is the difference hygiene habits.

But to maintain proper hygiene in intimate zone both day and night, it is concluded that the ideal is to change trousers once a day.

It is not advisable to have a compulsive mania to change several times a day, or to create a civilization of microorganisms in your body. intimate zone don’t change trousers newspaperYou have to have balance.

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What’s the harm in not changing? trousers daily?

Use yours trousers more than one day can cause serious health problem if done continuously. Although women may have a higher risk of disease because they are more exposed to microorganisms that enter their bodies genitals.

But men can also experience health problems if they don’t update their daily underwear. The conditions to which they can be exposed if they don’t change trousers is a urinary tract infection, the appearance of moldirritation, itching and infection in general.

How often should you throw it away? trousers and buy new

Even though one shirt That long pants can be used for years without causing problems, with trousers the same does not happen.

Recent studies have shown that keeping underwear over the years is not a good idea as you might think.

Researcher from New York University they claim that bacteria from trousers they don’t disappear just by washing them, so we can use clothes that have been washed for years but not completely clean, so it is recommended not to use the same clothes for more than a year trousers.

Experts in microbiology shows that it is impossible to wash a hundred trousers because there are always traces of microbes from sweat, urine or feces.

According to experts, underwear must be washed with hot water with bleach to kill microbes. In the case of clothes sensitive to hot water, it can be done in cold water with a quality detergent and drying the clothes in the sun is the best way to complete the disinfection process.

Now you know that trousers I know should change diary so it’s very important not to repeat underwear for more than a day.

(With information from: Living Health and Sanitas)

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