Donald Trump: Possible de Truth Social logo request

The long-awaited former US president’s social network Donald Trump, Social Truth, It’s arriving this Monday for iOS users in the United States and, apart from presenting a few connection failures, it’s also about to face its first request.

New social networking app logo from Donald Trump displays a dotted “T” on a blue background, which is similar to the logo used by snippet, a British trucking company.

Very much like, in fact, an executive from Footage said his company was considering taking legal action against Social Truth.

A Twitter user compared the logo of Footage and Social Truth side by side:

Claims expected

Matthew Summers, Head of Marketing at snippet, confirmed to insider on Tuesday that the company was considering taking legal action against Social Truth because of the similarity of the two logos.

Summers previously said that “we are seeking legal advice to understand the next steps and options available to protect our brand.”

On Monday, Footage tweeted to family members Trump, including his son Donald Jr., daughter Ivanka and his wife Melania. The trailer’s tweet read: “Glad to see Donald Trump support a thriving sustainability business! Maybe ask another time?”

Company behind social truth, Trump Media and Technology Group did not respond to this criticism.

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