Drew McIntyre responds to criticism for his fight against Madcap Moss on pay-per-view

Drew McIntyre to fight Madcap Moss tonight at WWE Day 1, amid a rivalry against him and Happy Corbin, which will keep him busy until he finally enters the contest for the Universal Championship again, where he looks set to be a new title contender against whoever wins the fight against Roman Reigns. Brock Lesnar on the same PPV.

Drew McIntyre vs. Madcap Moss – WWE Day 1

Drew McIntyre faces criticism

During a recent interview with SportsKeeda Wrestling, McIntyre commented that Moss accepted this PPV opportunity and He rejected criticism from some fans of this fight, in which he looked like the favourite.

I’m glad he’s now given the opportunity on the big stage to do something.. He is 100% committed to the role. He and Corbin are really invested in the character, that’s why it works. Jokes are terrible, but your reaction to jokes is funny. At the same time, they are both incredible high-level athletes and people know about Corbin’s background, they know what he’s capable of, but they don’t know much about Madcap unless you follow NXT… he crushes everyone every time.

Some people I see on social media are like, ‘oh why is Drew doing this match against Madcap or what? This is not a meeting that should exist. Anyone who feels that way, and hopefully you don’t, will learn a thing or two about Drew McIntyre on the big stage, as you probably already know, but also what Madcap is truly capable of. We will give you a meeting that you will talk about for a long time.

Congratulations Corbin and Madcap Moss - WWE SmackDown December 17, 2021
Congratulations Corbin and Madcap Moss – WWE SmackDown December 17, 2021

Drew McIntyre’s goals for 2022

In the same interview, Drew McIntyre later revealed what his goals for 2022 were just getting started, in which he indicated that he wasn’t ignoring the Universal Championship, though. He also wants to fulfill his dream of having WWE host PPV in the UK, in which warriors are dearly loved.

“I treat every day like ‘Day 1’, I always give it, you know, 100%. I’ve always assumed that people don’t know who I am, they don’t know what I’m capable of in the ring, on the microphone, during interviews, especially if they don’t follow the product. I want to perform for those who know me, but also for those who don’t know me, and continue to strengthen, you know, who I am and always be at the top of my game.

Special purpose, I mean, I will finally fight for the Universal Championship, that’s clear. It’s an unavoidable goal, nor am I trying to rush things, I’m just trying to stay like this. Outside the ring, I have a big goal: get paid per view in the UK. That, I mention all the time. I will make it happen one way or another.

Drew McIntyre - WWE SmackDown
Drew McIntyre – WWE SmackDown

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