Drones and aftercare, winning duo

Apart from being present in many industries, additive manufacturing is also used in drone production. Whether for DIY projects or larger commercial projects, 3D technology makes it possible to build drones locally, quickly and in a personalized way. Recently, Heliguy, a UK-based drone manufacturing and pilot company, has integrated 3D printing and post-processing into its production processes. This allows the company to be more flexible in its design and offer a finished piece with better features.

To streamline the printing process, Heliguy has integrated post-treatment solutions into its production. In particular, the company has chosen the AM Solutions M1 Basic engine. Developed to smooth and polish metal surfaces and plastic 3D printed components, this machine offers companies many possibilities. Ross Embleton, Senior Product Designer at Heliguy, explains: “The AM Solutions M1 Basic engine enhances the surface of our 3D printed components, improving their performance and appearance. It also contributes to the development of innovative solutions for drones. By smoothing and polishing the cut, it also allows us to create the perfect surface for painting or staining, which is another important element for enhancing aesthetics. Most importantly, the M1 Basic is a very versatile machine, allowing us to work with the wider materials ecosystem to expand our product offering and truly keep our production local.”

Basic M1 Solution. (Credit: AM Solution)

Aftercare benefits

One of the advantages of AM Solutions machines is their ability to process several parts at once. Thanks to the separate processing room, several materials can be processed simultaneously. In addition, to minimize the risk of errors, this solution incorporates easy-to-use software that allows post-processing programs to be saved and repeated as many times as needed. In this way, experts can automate their production processes and increase the number of parts produced.

Colin Spellacy, Sales Manager at AM Solutions UK, concludes: “Additive manufacturing really democratizes and localizes production for manufacturers. This opens up huge opportunities for a growing company like Heliguy. In 3D part processing, AM Solutions technology offers a wide range of processes and machines that elevate post-processing from necessary crime to enabling technology.”.

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