Due to the crisis with Russia, a national emergency is in effect in Ukraine

Ukraine’s National Security Council approved the declaration of a state of emergency in all regions, except for the two eastern regions which have been under that status since 2014.

The bill passed by Ukraine’s parliament introduces checking of personal documents and gives the government the power to impose a curfew if necessary.

The regulation provides for restrictions on various radio and digital communication services, which the government says could exacerbate the situation.

Reserve soldiers will not be allowed to leave the country and regular soldiers are recruited as they prepare for a possible invasion.

The move comes just as the country is urging millions of Ukrainians living in Russia to leave the country immediately. Many of them have families in both countries.

Britain announced that it would provide increased military support to Ukraine, in the form of defense weapons and non-lethal aid, and Western countries and their allies imposed sanctions on Russian banks and lawmakers, as the crisis escalated.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke with British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss to coordinate the economic steps the two countries are taking against Russia, the US State Department reported.

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