E-commerce supports the development of Mexican SMEs

Thanks to the digitization of consumption, entrepreneurship and small business development are becoming increasingly important, not only in Mexico but around the world. Millions of people decide to invest in their own businesses to become independent from traditional employment systems.

This same digitization, enhanced by the advent of the pandemic, has also become an important tool for small and medium-sized companies in Mexico to continue to generate revenue despite economic instability (and the health crisis brought on by the emergence of the coronavirus).

That e-commerce for small business

This is stated by a recent report from a consulting firm, accent; it explains that electronic trading positioning, especially the well-known Social Trading (trading through social networks) will help brands and small companies to compete with multinationals like Amazon.

The study explains that, thanks to the social nature of e-commerce, any brand can communicate and sell directly regardless of size. In addition, it allows businesses with less financial strength to reach more customers without requiring large investments in digital marketing.

Most sold

according to her Learn Sales Online made by Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO), there are more interesting products for sale on line: the most consumed via digital channels during 2021. Data reveals that fashion, electronics, beauty, video game consoles, personal care products, and home appliances are the most in demand.

It also explains that supermarket and pantry products have increased their online sales in recent years, with more and more people looking for a convenient and convenient alternative to bulk purchases.

For this reason we have seen how, more and more, chains are investing millions of pesos in front of on line, from the shop Bodega Aurrera online with discounts of up to 20% on bulk consumer products at “wine prices”, up to Walmart Online with the supply of materials for the preparation of Three Kings Day.

This suggests that digitization will even appeal to small retail stores looking to expand their customer base.

Recovery key

Mexico is one of the most internationalized countries e-commerce; In other words, it is one of the economies where the largest investment is made to use electronic commerce as a sales channel overseas. Most merchants and brands rely on platforms like eBay and Amazon to achieve this.

According to experts in the field, e-commerce Cross-border has significant barriers, especially in terms of information: most small and medium-sized traders are not aware of the requirements and processes that must be followed to sell abroad.

Information collected by eBay revealed that the products most Mexicans sell overseas via the Internet are watches, phonograph records, video games, industrial goods, and collectibles — the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, and France being the top destinations.

While this is a sector of the economy that is just beginning to be explored a lot, in reality it will be of great interest to companies looking to not only expand their client base, but even generate income in foreign currencies.

That e-commerce This is an important channel for entrepreneurship development in Mexico, so it is important for SMEs across the country to start investing in its digitization.

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