Easter crime story 2022:- Here is an overview of this year’s Easter crime story

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Here you get an overview of Easter crimes for Easter 2022 on NRK, TV 2, Viaplay and Netflix, among others. Easter is a time for evil, and this year there is a large selection of Easter crimes for those who might want a little joy.

Easter Crimes at NRK 2022

«Last Chapter» is a British crime series based on the 2016 novel Mugpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz, and about publishing editor Susan Ryeland. This is a classic British crime story

“Last Chapter” consists of six episodes that will be broadcast on NRK TV on Friday April 8, and will be broadcast on NRK on Saturday April 9 at 21:20.

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“Showtrial” can be seen on NRK TV and on linear TV at Easter. PHOTO: NRK
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«Showtrial» is another Easter crime featured on NRK. The series is somewhat more courtroom drama than a classic crime story. The plot involves student Hannah disappearing after a party in Bristol, and her friend Thalita being arrested for murdering her. Thalita came from a rich and powerful family, and the ordeal attracted a lot of attention.

Five episodes of the Showtrial can be viewed on NRK TV now and broadcast on NRK on Monday 11 April at 9:15 pm.

«Nattdjevelen» also featured on NRK at Easter. Here, a serial killer is said to have terrorized London for 11 years. Colin Sutton is on the hunt. This crime series is based on a true story, and is based on the Colin Sutton Manhunt series.

The series can be seen on NRK TV now, in addition it can be seen on NRK on Wednesday April 13 at 9:15 pm.

Fifth season of «Shetland» will be broadcast on NRK on Good Friday. The British crime series is based on the books by Ann Cleeves, and has been named the best drama series in the UK. The series is about a weather-stricken detective who solves an ice crime mystery in windy Shetland.

The fifth season of the series runs over six episodes that are on NRK TV, otherwise you can watch the series on TV on Friday April 15th at 9:15pm.

“Vera” is one of the Easter crimes you can watch on NRK. PHOTO: NRK
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Eleventh season of «Vera» will be the end of NRK’s ​​Easter crimes. Over six episodes, we get to be with Vera and her trusted assistant who face a series of captivating murder mysteries in Northumberland. According to reviewers from the UK, this is the best season of the series.

All six episodes are available for streaming on Friday 8 April, and will air on TV on Sunday 17 April at 21.00.

Easter Crimes on TV 2

TV 2 also focuses on the traditional evils of Easter. The channel shows “Dalgliesh” where we meet the investigator and poet Adam Dalgliesh who solved murder cases in England in the 1970s – at the same time he was mourning his late wife. This is not a traditional version, but a new version of detective.

The series consists of six episodes, of which two and two follow the same murder mystery.

The episode is out TV 2 Playand will be broadcast on main channel TV 2 starting April 11.

The third season of “The Sommerdahl Murders” will also appear on TV 2 this Easter. The Danish crime series is based on the novel Anna Grue. Also this season, we meet police investigator Dan Sommerdahl who, together with his friend Flemming Torp, solve the murder case in Elsinore.

All episodes of the third season of “The Sommerdahl Murder” are now on TV 2 Play.

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Easter Crimes on Viaplay

Third season of Want comes with four episodes Viaplay from Palm Sunday, April 10. This season is based on the 2009 novel The Night Man by Jørn Lier Horst, and the action is still set in Larvik.

“Sisterhood” is another crime series out on Viaplay now. In the Icelandic series, the body of a girl who disappeared in 1995 appears. Vera’s investigators hunt down the killer, while three friends in their 30s share secrets about what happened when they were teenagers.

The series is out Viaplay now.

Easter Crime on Netflix

“Anatomy of a Scandal” premieres on Netflix on April 15. It is a six-episode mini-series based on the popular book. The series infiltrates the British elite through personal and political scandals, where the truth lies between justice and privilege.

If you don’t like crime, or just want to watch something else, there are tons of series and movies out there waiting to watch.

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