Edurne became one of the new rich in Spain with a millionaire business with De Gea

Edurne you David De Gea They form one of the most established couples on the international scene. They started dating in 2010 and they are still in love like the first day. Last year they welcomed their first daughter. They always keep their distance. They met in Madrid, but only for one year then the footballer signed a contract with Manchester United. They currently live in the UK. However, the singer spends most of his time in Madrid due to his professional commitments.

Since being known in ‘Operación Triunfo’, in 2005, Edurne has become one of the most popular faces in Spain. He has had a solid music career and a long career in television. He is one of the most prominent figures in Mediaset. It has been associated with ‘Got Talent Spain’ for seven editions. For this part, David de Gea is one of the highest paid players in the Premier League, with Salary 15 million euros. Apart from that, both make use of social networks and work with various brands.

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David de Gea and Edurne Business

Their career was very unstable. Edurne depends on the taste of the audience and the career of a footballer is very short. However, they were both very farsighted and frugal people. A recent ‘Sunday Times’ listed the doorman as one of the richest people in the UK under the age of 40. De Gea is ranked 16th out of 50.

The business amounts to 45 million pounds, which is a number that over 52 million euros. The footballer’s assets increased to 12.7 million euros. Goalkeepers have a salary of 24 million pounds, about 20 million euros

Edurne pregnant kisses David De Gea @edurnityDavid de Gea and Edurne / REDES

In 2021, like many other footballers, De Gea completely immersed himself in the real estate sector. It has two offices dedicated to the sale of real estate and advice to investors in the most exclusive area of ​​Madrid, in the district of Salamanca. Brand “HousinGo by David De Gea”, has landed by force in two offices, one at 62 Calle Ayala and the other at 81 Calle Serrano. He is the sole administrator of the Yeday Sports company. The company has broad corporate objectives that allow it to become a developer, construction company or dedicate itself to reform and rehabilitation.

This company is very new and we haven’t found any accounts yet. However, this business venture is nothing new because in 2010 he founded a law firm in Majadahonda. This entity, with cleared accounts, is dedicated to representatives, advisors and placement agents for footballers.

De Gea has no real estate in our country. However, his parents had an inheritance in Toledo. Jarandilla de la Vera and Valencia. For your information, his mother is one of the managers of a billionaire company based in Manchester called Bedamarse Ltd. David de Gea completely trusts his family for his business. Singers have society Julrosale SL, the company you collect the salary earned from your career as an artist, the money earned from your participation in advertising campaigns and what is charged for your work on television programs, such as Have talent.

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