Elite series: Bodø / Glimt – Vålerenga – This is the art of football

  • Bodø / Glimt – Vlerenga 5-1 (2-0)

After losing 4-0 against Roma and going first in the Conference League, Bodø / Glimt today faced Vlerenga in Aspmyra.

In the first half Bodø / Glimt who dominated and produced a two-class score, signed Ola Solbakken and Ulrik Saltnes. The first came with a full volley after just over half an hour.

It was Bodø/Glimt at its best, said Discovery commentator Kenneth Fredheim after the second goal.

Also in the second half, it was the home team who dominated. After penalty calls from both teams, Runar Espejord headed in for Glimt 3-0 after a superb contribution from Sondre Sørlie.

TWO-GOAL CREATOR: Hugo Vetlesen. Photo: Mats Torbergsen / NTB
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Minutes later Vetlesen scored again and scored with his second of the day.

“This is an absolute humiliation,” said Discovery commentator Kenneth Fredheim.

Five minutes before the end, Vlerenga had the opportunity to decorate the result with a penalty kick. Henrik Bjørdal, who made the cut, did not abuse the opportunity.

Fan fight

Prior to the game, police in Nordland were able to report a riot among Vlerenga supporters outside Aspmyra. This resulted in arrests and expulsions. The backer was allowed to leave after a while.

Visiting supporters also had banners reading: “Justice for Nuno Santos!”. Knutsen ended up in a brawl with Santos in the players tunnel after the finish against Roma.

Class score

After fifteen minutes of play, it was the home team who came closest to scoring, but Vlerenga were not completely out of the game. In the remainder of the half, Bodø / Glimt had the most control, and Vålerenga goalkeeper Kjetil Haug had to make some great saves.

After 35 minutes of play, finally sat down for the yellow clad. Hugo Vetlesen was pulled to the dead line, before slotting him back into the box. There stood Ola Solbakken and hit the ball clockwise with a full volley.

CLASS SCORE: Bodø / Glimt celebrate 1-0.  Photo: Mats Torbergsen / NTB

CLASS SCORE: Bodø / Glimt celebrate 1-0. Photo: Mats Torbergsen / NTB
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Five minutes later left. After a brilliant game from Glimt, Brice Wembangomo descended to the death line before being beaten by Ulrik Saltnes. He has an easy job and passes the goalkeeper easily.

– This is a class, a class, exclaims Discovery commentator Tor Ole Skullerud.


Just a few seconds into the second half, the home team asked for a penalty. Referee Rohit Saggi disagreed and allowed the match to continue.

– This is a direct error, said Fredheim and Skullerud after the judge’s decision.

Shortly after, it was the visitors who asked for a penalty, but again referee Saggi allowed the game to continue.

Once again, goalkeeper Vlerenga had to compensate for some fantastic saves in his right corner.

Then it sat down again for Glimt. Sondre Sørlie had a perfect shot from the right side of the forehead to Runar Espejord. Thus, the home team is already three goals ahead.

FANTASTIC FOOTBALL: Hugo Vetlesen cheers along with Ola Solbakken.  Photo: Mats Torbergsen / NTB

FANTASTIC FOOTBALL: Hugo Vetlesen cheers along with Ola Solbakken. Photo: Mats Torbergsen / NTB
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Glimt continued the big game, and with 20 minutes remaining, Vetlesen put the ball very well behind Haug.

– This is the art of football, Fredheim exclaimed excitedly for the 22-year-old’s goal.

It still doesn’t stop there. A few minutes later, Vetlesen again put the ball into the net and was able to score his second goal of the day. Shortly before the end, Vlerengas Bjørdal had a chance from the penalty spot. He sent goalkeeper Nikita Haikin the wrong way and made a reduction. It was also the last goal of the game.

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