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Elizabeth II’s health, and the constant fluctuations her agenda has had in recent months, are starting to cause concern in British circles. The queen, 95, has previously announced her willingness to attend the ceremony memorial day (Remembrance Day) which is celebrated every year in London. This is an act of respect for the soldiers who died in all wars. Not only the First and Second World Wars, but also most recently in the Falklands, Afghanistan or Iraq. As Commander-in-Chief of the British Armed Forces, the king attaches great importance to the attitude of laying a wreath before the cenotaph of Whitehall in the English capital. In his name, the heir to the throne, Charles of England, had to do it.

“The Queen, after injuring her back, decided this morning, with great reluctance, that she could not attend the Sunday Memorial Day service. His Majesty is very disappointed in this absence [imprevista]”, Buckingham Palace announced in a statement.

On just six occasions, over nearly seven decades (in 2022 she will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee), Elizabeth II missed this ceremony. Four of them, because they are on an international business trip; in the other two, because she was pregnant with her two young children. His absence this Sunday was unrelated to advice given to him by palace doctors, in late October, that he should rest for at least a few weeks, according to news agency PA Media.

On October 20, the king spent the night in a London hospital to undergo a checkup and “preliminary investigation”, as his ward explained in a statement. after released alarm and criticism among the special press within the monarchy. Criticism, above all, for the delay and the scant information. Since then, nothing else is known about the queen’s health.

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During this time, Isabel II had carried out several official acts, but all in a very safe and light manner. He has received, for example, by videoconference, official accreditation from the new ambassador in London. And he also sent a videotape to the climate change summit in Glasgow where he urged international representatives to act more decisively in the fight against global warming.

In recent years, and especially since the pandemic, Elizabeth II has delegated some of her official actions to other members of the royal family, such as her son Charles of England, daughter-in-law Camilla Parker-Bowles or the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William of England and Kate Middleton. Despite recent fears of his unexpected absence, as this Sunday, the press was able to capture images of the king driving an official vehicle alone around Windsor Castle, through an area where he usually takes his friends for walks.

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