Elon Musk promises level 3 autonomous driving in his Teslas in Europe this summer and finishes in the US | Technology

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made the announcement while wearing a black cowboy hat during the Tesla Cyber ​​​​Rodeo, an event to celebrate the opening of his factory in Austin, Texas.

Fully autonomous driving, or FSD as it is often called, has been available as an option for years. However, Tesla vehicles don’t drive themselves.

“The Tesla Autopilot team and AI team have done a great job building real-world AI and we were able to enter extensive beta for all fully self-driving customers in North America this year.”Musk said in his speech.

And that is, these vehicles They come standard with a driver assistance system called Autopilot. This is something we can already verify when we test Tesla Model 3 Recently. We leave you the video.

In the case of Europe and England, it is said that this summerafter months of waiting, they will be able to rely on the latest FSD program.

And, for an additional $12,000, owners can buy FSD, a feature Musk has repeatedly promised will one day offer fully autonomous driving capabilities.

FSD includes Call parking functions as well as Navigation on Autopilotan active guidance system that takes the car from the driveway to the highway exit, including lane changes.

Musk concluded his short speech at Cyber ​​Rodeo by saying: “Here at Tesla, we believe in throwing big parties, so let’s get this party started.” We leave you the full show on YouTube, at this link.

Photos of the event shared on social media show that Tesla He has given everything to get into the spirit of Texas: a giant ten gallon metal cap, mechanical bull and 87 red, white and blue Teslas in the shape of the Texas flag on display.

Minutes before Musk speaks to the crowd, a pretty impressive drone show airs, featuring Cyber ​​iconography Rodeo one minute, a Cybertruck-shaped line of lights the next, Shiba Inu for all the Dogecoin booths and an executive shot of him in a cowboy hat, towering in the sky like the Dark Mark.

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