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Elon Musk, having ‘came and gone’, stopped buying the social network Twitter. Although he had an attractive offer for the owner, he chose to abandon the acquisition agreement because of inconsistencies that, he said, reflected some of the platform’s figures.

Since last AprilThe multimillionaire has finalized a preliminary deal he hopes will turn the network into a space with ‘greater freedom of expression’. However, as time went on, he made a condition for Twitter owners: he wanted to know exactly how many fake accounts or ‘bots’ they had.

“I am against censorship which goes far beyond the law. If people wanted less freedom of expression, they would ask the government to pass laws for it. Therefore, going beyond the law is against the will of the people”, he exclaimed to his more than 86 million followers as he defended his intention to become CEO.

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The problem doesn’t reach a happy conclusion, because, in fact, even network executives don’t know a certain number. Of course, Musk requires that less than 5% of all users are fake profiles.

Twitter has responded to reporters that these numbers are difficult for external auditors to verify, as Musk intended.because it includes personal user data that the platform cannot share, such as contact information, geolocation and IP address.

The situation showed no progress since weeks ago. In fact, as ‘The Washington Post’ reported, the conversation was cold; neither party can agree. The team of South African billionaires is concerned that the platform’s refusal to disclose actual figures is indicative of a business, which appears to be not so prosperous.

Thus, the 44 billion dollar transaction was not processed.

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Musk’s strong card

He appears to have made a false and misleading statement that Musk relied on

In a letter, Musk accused Twitter of misleading him. “He committed a material breach of some of the terms of the Agreement, appears to have made the false and misleading statements that Mr Musk relied on in entering into the Merger Agreement,” it said.

“Twitter has not fulfilled its obligations,” he said. In addition, he confirmed that in the past two months he had not received the data he requested. “This information is very important because it allows for financial planning,” he added.

Finally, the hard letter pointed out that the network did not respond to requests, rejected them without justification and, in fact, allegedly sent “incomplete and unusable” data.

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Entry of ‘mass’ of users

As soon as Elon Musk’s failed deal became known in recent months, specialty media reported an “avalanche” of people from the United States, mostly from the left or liberals, who saw their followers drop.

The social network is expected to be sold to tycoons.

Among those affected are former first lady Michelle Obama, congressman and activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Senator Bernie Sanders, who has lost more than 10,000 followers, according to data from portal SocialBlade. Meanwhile, former President Barack Obama has lost 6,000 followers and current President Joe Biden has dropped nearly 6,000 as well.

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At the time it was thought that the removal of followers would be a product of Elon’s arrival as CEO. However, the social network confirmed that it was a “fluctuation in the number of followers” caused by “organic” account closures, they told television network ‘NBC’. Meaning: profiles with their will will leave the network.

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