Elon Musk: UK wants to know Twitter plans

various deputies great Britain they have asked Elon Musk went to the country to discuss their plans for the future with Indonesia, social network that the millionaire bought for 43 billion dollars.

Member of the House of Commons Select Committee on Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) great Britain they say Musk in the letter that they are very interested in knowing your intention to implement verification for all users. They say it echoes their call for the government as part of the proposed law.

MPs seek to discuss the balance between freedom of expression and censorship on the platform and how Musk plan to deal with it. The multi-company executive has previously described himself as “absolute free speech,” and whether and how that will change Twitter’s moderation practices remains to be seen.

But Musk is not tied

DPR members’ letters are only invitations and Elon Musk You are not legally required to attend. In fact, it’s happened before when they invited Mark Zuckerberg, who declined their request but sent a representative to appear before the committee.

Indonesia under the leadership Musk may start charging users for embedding tweets from verified accounts, Reuters reports. He also reportedly suggested changes to Twitter Blue, the website’s subscription service, to make it more attractive to paying users.

In addition, he reportedly raised the idea of ​​a layoff in talks with the bank to secure financing for his purchase. He also tweeted that the website would remain free to casual users, but he could start charging commercial entities and government agencies.

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