Elton John’s private plane struggles to make an emergency landing

The famous artist was on his way to New York to play a concert at Madison Square Garden, when some problems arose during the flight, reported some foreign media.

The plane sways from side to side

The artist was en route on his private plane from England to New York, when the pilot was forced to make a U-turn near the coast of Southern Ireland to make an emergency landing.

The reason must have been a hydraulic fault when the plane had reached an altitude of 10,000 feet.

Therefore, the plane had to turn around to make an emergency landing in England, which also proved difficult.

Due to Hurricane “Franklin”, which hit parts of Europe, the pilots attempted to land the plane twice, before eventually making it back safely to the ground.

There must have been winds of up to 80 kilometers in a matter of hours as the plane tried to land, and according to Times News UK, a witness must have seen the plane rock from side to side as it attempted to land.

SHAKED: Elton John is said to be shaken by what happened. Photo: Per Lchen


With all the emergency services gathered around the runway, the plane finally managed to land on its third attempt. According to the Sun. John must have been shaken by the dramatic plane crash.

Despite the dramatic events, the artist eventually managed to get on another plane to the United States, and arrange for a concert to be held at Madison Square Garden.

According to the audience, she shouldn’t have let the incident affect her performance, as several people have taken to social media to pay homage to the show.

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