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Danyal Hussein, 19, has been sentenced to 35 years in prison in England after killing sisters Nicole Smallman (27) and Bibaa Henry (47).

The 19-year-old believed the murder would be a “victim” of a “demon” he called “the mighty King Lucifuge Rofocale”, according to Security.

He reportedly believed that he had made a pact, and that by randomly killing women he could win the top prize in the Lotto Mega Millions Super Jackpot game.

KILLED: Sisters Bibaa Henry (47) and Nicole Smallman (27) were stabbed and killed by Danyal Hussein (19) in a park in London. Photo: Metropolitan Police / Reuters / Scanpix
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Enter into a deadly “covenant”

The two sisters were stabbed in Wembley park in June last year, according to British newspapers Wales Online.

Hussein is said to have stabbed the eldest sister eight times, while the youngest sister was stabbed 28 times because she fought back.

CONTAIN: A 66-year-old woman confessed to her husband’s murder during an arrest. Video: CameraOne. Reporter: Vegard Kruger
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He then dragged their bodies 75 meters from the scene, into a forested area of ​​the park, where they lay for 36 hours before being found, writes The Guardian.

Police found Hussain using DNA traces on the knife left at the scene.

This week, Hussein appeared in court in Britain. The 19-year-old did not want to give any explanation at the trial, as he denied that he was responsible for the murder.

Stabbed 20 times: - It makes no sense

Stabbed 20 times: – It makes no sense

Sentenced to 35 years

On Thursday, Hussain was found guilty of two murders, and sentenced to 35 years in prison, according to The Guardian.

– You carried out this evil attack. You do it to kill. You’re doing it for money, and in search of misunderstood money, Judge Philippa Whipple said according to The Guardian.

The judge described the murder as premeditated and premeditated.

He emphasized that while it might seem strange for others to make a pact with the devil, this was Hussain’s belief. He pleaded guilty to killing an innocent woman, Whipple said in court.

– No family should go through this, he said.

Siblings live with their dead brother

Siblings live with their dead brother

Reduced penalty

Because Hussein was under the age of 21, Judge Whipple could not give him a full life sentence. According to the judge, the normal minimum sentence for such a serious crime is 37 years.

The judge chose to reduce the sentence because of Hussein’s age.

Teacher fired after shocking discovery

Teacher fired after shocking discovery

Hussein must have a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. However, the judge decided to proceed with the case and did not consider evidence of a possible undiagnosed disorder or psychopathy as mitigating circumstances, as the 19-year-old refused to contribute to such an evaluation.

Hussein will not be able to get parole until at least 35 years have passed, and according to the judge, this will only be possible if he is “no longer a danger to the public”.

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