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Although police continue to hunt at home and abroad, Stig Millehaugen, 53, who was convicted of double homicide, remains unaccounted for, after fleeing furlough on Wednesday. Action against a number of addresses, arrests and extensive searches have so far yielded no results.

Located in Oslo S

– We keep all possibilities open, and cannot rule anything out, Trude Maren Buanes, police attorney in the Oslo police district, answered a question whether they think it is most likely the 53-year-old man is in Norway or abroad.

RULE: According to the Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten, a large-scale police operation has been carried out in Sweden, in connection with the hunt for Stig Millehaugen. Video: Dagbladet TV
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The last documented observation of Millehaugen, who is serving time in Trondheim prison, is a surveillance photo of Oslo S taken at 2pm on a Wednesday. Then he boarded a plane from Værnes, apparently with help to buy a ticket, and took a train to downtown Oslo.

Since then, the 53-year-old man, who has been sentenced to 21 years in prison, has been drowned in the ground.

Digital track

Johnny Brenna, writer and specialist consultant, and former police investigator, said demanding Millehaugen be a fugitive for a long time. Especially considering the world outside the walls today was very different from in 2000, when he ran away and disappeared for eight months.

– For him, it is a challenge in 2022 to move around a lot without leaving a digital footprint. He relies on financial aid, to move around with nothing to trace – much more than 2000, Brenna told Dagbladet and continued:

– Hunted by criminals

– Cash is still used, but today society is much more digital; for example, surveillance cameras are everywhere between heaven and earth.

One of the “digital” things that are clearly traceable are airline tickets.

– It is clear that someone helped him with the ticket, said the former police detective, who also participated in the Millehaugen manhunt.

man arrested

In their action on Thursday, police arrested a man accused of helping the escape. After lengthy interrogation, he was released, but the charges remained.

based on NRKFrom the information, the man is said to have just bought a ticket for a Millehaugen plane – something that the Buanes police attorney would not confirm or deny to Dagbladet.

THE HUNT FOR MILLEHAUGEN: Former police detective Johnny Brenna himself hunts down Stig Millehaugen on the run.  Photo: Lars Eivind Bones / Dagbladet

THE HUNT FOR MILLEHAUGEN: Former police detective Johnny Brenna himself hunts down Stig Millehaugen on the run. Photo: Lars Eivind Bones / Dagbladet
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Brenna believes that the person who must have bought the Millehaugen ticket didn’t necessarily know that she contributed to the escape.

– Maybe the person concerned does not know the complete and complete truth. The message may be that Millehaugen will take a longer leave, or redeem friend service, without further info, the authors said.

Action in Sweden

The 53-year-old man is wanted internationally. On Friday evening, Swedish police acted against a house in Bohuslän, where people with ties to Millehaugen had addresses. Nothing suspicious was found.

Brenna believes Millehaugen may be overseas.

– In five hours you can go very far, and he can already sit abroad – he’s on a plane. He made it through Gardermoen and Flytoget to the waiting car, and past Svinesund in no time, before the national alarm went off, the former scout said.

- Not paid for assassination

– Not paid for assassination

Oslo police now believe he went to Oslo S by taxi; a driver has been questioned in this regard.

Or, the 53-year-old may be hiding in an apartment in Oslo.

– There he can sit quietly until the worst has been resolved. Oslo is a pretty big city for that, Brenna said.

Maybe disguise

The fugitive must also do something about his appearance so as not to be found out.

– He has to appear as someone else if he moves out at all. It doesn’t take much: a beard, hair extensions, jogging clothes, so you no longer see that it’s him. It is known that he had changed his appearance during his previous escape, the former police detective said.

LEAVE: Stig Millehaugen on his way out of Trondheim prison on Wednesday morning.  The alarm went off when he didn't return from a six-hour leave.  Photo: Polres Trndelag / NTB

LEAVE: Stig Millehaugen on his way out of Trondheim prison on Wednesday morning. The alarm went off when he didn’t return from a six-hour leave. Photo: Polres Trndelag / NTB
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Dagbladet is familiar with images that could show Millehaugen on the run – but then with a completely different look from the police-released images of Oslo S and Trondheim. Buanes police lawyers would not comment on “details” in the investigation, including photos.

Must have money

Which country Millehaugen may have taken to, one cannot know, said Brenna – who cautions that one can be “far enough” within the Schengen area without showing proof of identity.

One thing is for sure, though:

– He’s addicted to money. He had to be mediated in some way, and that would be demanding.

- Be mesmerized by pictures

– Be mesmerized by pictures

With an international search, the Norwegian convicted of murder must be vigilant no matter where he is.

– Pictures have been sent everywhere, and the police are watching. The quest is placed in a system, and then flashes red if he’s caught somewhere, Brenna said.

– Very little environment

The people the police are looking for so far are mostly related to Millehaugen’s old criminal environment, among others Tveitagengen.

– Of course they’re going to talk to criminal networks and informants and see if anything turns up there, Brenna said.

– Is this neighborhood big?

HUNT: Former police detective Johnny Brenna on the police hunt for double murder convict Stig Millehaugen. Photo: NTB
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– No, it’s very small. It’s not that anymore – certain people are still active, but few want to be in touch with Millehaugen. He’s not a good person to relate to.

– Why?

– It just creates problems. No criminal will ever come into contact with Norway’s most wanted man. It’s very stressful being a big-time criminal; You quickly get the spotlight on you.

– Can be completely unknown

Brenna said the 53-year-old was clearly getting help, but thought it was about people “further down the rankings and contact list”.

- Have a special reason

– Have a special reason

– These people can go completely unnoticed by the police – if he is smart and has planned an escape, he has said nothing to anyone else in prison other than those who really need to know.

The former police detective is not surprised that Millehaugen took the opportunity to escape from unguarded leave.

– There is always a risk when leaving, and it is not surprising that he escaped for the fourth time. Whether it is wise to grant leave is the judgment of the prison service.

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