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  • On Wednesday, the NATO Secretary General said Jens Stoltenberg that the defense alliance sees no de-escalation on the ground, although Russia said yesterday that troops were withdrawn from the border with Ukraine. “On the contrary, it looks like Russia is continuing its military build-up”she says.
  • The Russian Ministry of Defense, for its part, claims that it has ended military exercises on the Crimean peninsula and has published on video tanks crossed the bridge over the Kerch Strait into mainland Russia last night.
  • The Kremlin said the president Vladimir Putin «For negotiations and diplomacy».
  • In neighboring Belarus (Belarus), north of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, Russia resumed military exercises scheduled for February 20.
  • Simultaneously sign Ukrainian people today “Unity Day” as president Volodymyr Zelenskyj Monday declared fell on February 16, after the United States announced that that day could be the time Russia would strike.
  • The Kremlin rejects accusations from Ukraine that Russia was behind the night cyber attack against the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and two Ukrainian banks.
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov warned that Russia would retaliate against new economic sanctions against the country from Britain. Tuesday said the Prime Minister Boris Johnson that it may be relevant to block Russian business firms from raising capital in London.
  • NATO defense ministers met today about the security situation in Ukraine.

THE FOLLOWING ANTI-DEMOCRACY TRENDS: The highest court of the European Union’s Court of Justice held that the authorities in Poland and Hungary violated the democratic rights of citizens as EU citizens, reports Reuters. According to the ruling, populist parties in government in the two former Eastern bloc countries have imposed political guidance on the judiciary and the press and cracked down on legal protest demonstrations to the extent that they are against trade union laws. Without further appeals, these countries are likely to be cut off from a significant amount of support for, among other things, the digitization of public services and health measures. – which in the first instance may have direct political consequences in Hungary, where opinion polls show that the Prime Minister Victor OrbanHis party has lost and will fight hard to win parliamentary elections in early April. Heads of state in both countries have previously threatened revenge by blocking EU decisions that require unanimity, including on climate, energy and security policy measures.

MUST SHOW THE GUESTBOOK: Joe Biden reject the predecessor-president Donald Trumps claims that visitor logs from the last period in the White House are confidential. The logs will thus be handed over to the committee investigating last year’s congressional building raids. Among other things, the committee worked to clarify what happened at home on the day in question, and the extent to which the president and his administration were involved, and could be blamed for the events. However, it is not clear to what extent the log was completed, write Washington Post. Both of them Barack Obama and Biden publish, with a few exceptions, regular inbound visitors.

NOT SATISFIED: Conservative Party representatives on the control committee at Storting are dissatisfied with the government’s response to the appointment of a new central bank governor. “We will need more questions. We can state that here and now », series Peter Frølich to VG. He warned that the parties would know more about the impartiality assessment that had been made, details about the text of the call and «Who pushed the candidacy of Jens Stoltenberg» and assessment of understanding Stoltenberg’s role and party affiliation.

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