EU restricts entry of poultry meat from US and Canadian areas affected by bird flu

The European Commission has established new zones in the United States and Canada where entry into Union shipments of poultry and reproductive products, as well as fresh poultry and game, may not be permitted due to recent cases of avian influenza.

The Official Journal of the European Union (DOUE) has published implementing regulations in which they report that both countries have submitted information to the Commission on the epidemiological situation in their territories and the measures they have taken to prevent the further spread of the virus. bird flu with high pathogenicity.

The Commission has evaluated this information and determined that it was not appropriate to allow the entry of this type of meat due to the recent outbreak of viral disease in restricted areas.

On the other hand, the UK has provided up-to-date information on the epidemiological situation in its territory in relation to three confirmed outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza on poultry farms on 8 December 2021 near Sudbury, Babergh and South Suffolk.(UK, United Kingdom) and on 18 and 22 December 2021 near Helsby, Cheshire West & Chester and Cheshire (England, United Kingdom).

The UK has also reported on the steps it has taken to prevent the spread of the disease, implementing eradication policies to control and limit its spread.

In addition, they have completed the necessary cleaning and disinfection measures following the implementation of the elimination policy on infected poultry farms.

In this regard, the Commission has assessed the information submitted by the UK and has concluded that outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza in poultry farms have indeed been eliminated and there is no longer a risk associated with entry into the poultry union. .

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