European Parliament calls for boycott of Beijing Olympics

The European Parliament has condemned this Thursday deteriorating human rights situation in Hong Kong and has called for a firm response from the European Union that includes sanctions against those responsible for the repression and political boycott to the Beijing Winter Olympics.

In a resolution approved by a large majority, 585 votes in favor, the European Parliament has condemned restrictions on freedom of expression and association and restraints on the press in the enclave. In this sense, he calls for the release of those arbitrarily detained in recent years, within the framework of peaceful protests.

In a further step, MPs have urged Member States to approve sanctions against Chinese and Hong Kong officials responsible for the crackdown and to all companies involved in human rights violations.

And amid the debate over international representation at the Beijing Winter Olympics, the European Parliament sided and called for a “diplomatic and political boycott” to a sporting event.

Until now United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and some EU countries has announced that they will not send a diplomatic delegation to the Olympics, in response to the decline in Human Rights due to the treatment of the Uyghur minority or the situation in Hong Kong.

France proposes in December coordinate a common European position on the boycott to the Olympics in China, started contact with the Twenty-seven with this goal, but from the European countries it seems that it will finally have representation in Beijing. Germany is one of the European powers that has yet to speak.

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