Experts question Argentina’s foreign policy on trade agreements

(CNN Radio Argentina) – Marcelo Elizondo, international business specialist and head of consulting firm DNI, spoke at CNN radio about the importance of intensifying trade agreements with other countries in the new world economy.

In this context, he highlights the case of great Britain, which reached an agreement with Australia to intensify strategic and military ties and other plans with the United States and Colombia; other than those agreed with the eurozone itself.

“In the case of the UK, Brexit is a way out of the European Union but it is also a free trade agreement,” he said Coffee with Pepe, program led by Pepe Gil Vidal.

“There are 350 treaties in force between countries but Argentina doesn’t list these”He explained, adding that 60% of trade between all countries takes place between those who have agreements, which leads to a loss of relative competitiveness for our trade.

Regarding the UK’s proposal to advance in a free trade agreement with Mercosur, he argued that, despite the tensions in the bloc, “Unfortunately, in Argentina there are problems like Malvinas and a very unlikely position to celebrate this kind of deal.“.

According to him, “our country is focusing on its domestic problems and transferring them to its foreign policy, which is also complicated by its political alignments.”

“Argentina sees the world as a risk and not as an opportunity, but also has controversy with the rest of the world”, he concluded.

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