This Thursday inside the Agricultural Auditorium, “British agricultural technologies for more sustainable production” were presented.

This Thursday another conference scheduled within the venue was given. In this case on “British agricultural technology for more sustainable production”, the talk was conducted by Trisha Toop (Agri-EPI Ecosystem) and Rebecca Geraghty (Agrimetrics).

“We are more used to seeing in Argentina technology from other countries, from America and from other European countries, but not so much from the UK. The idea is to shorten that distance,” said the exhibitor.

The UK has four innovation centres, equivalent to Argentina’s National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA), which fulfill the function of linking sectors. “This is a kind of testing ground for companies, conducting trials before their products are marketed,” he said.

The innovation center specialties are: animal science (animal husbandry), plant science (agriculture), Agri-EPI Ecosystems (precision agriculture, robotics and automation) and Agrimetrics (data management and platform creation).

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