Extra-time score sends Odd to heaven against Vikings: Here’s how he describes the celebration

SKIEN (VG) (Odd – Vikings 2-1) Milan Jevtovic was the hero five minutes into extra time in the Vikings’ first point drop of the season.

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– It was great when Milan included him. I know how hard he worked for this. His family had come and got to see their father for the first time in a long time. Besides, he’s ruined for today’s team. This is very appropriate, Pål Arne “Paco” Johansen told VG.

The winner of the match himself ran happily across the pitch and celebrated as Cristiano Ronaldo. The Serbian got back up after the game.

– It was amazing. Family came here yesterday after we were apart for three months. They came to visit, and the fact that I was able to do this with them in the stands, was just incredible,” Jevtovic told VG.

He said that the breial celebration was not intentional.

– It happened after I played soccer with my son yesterday. He wanted me to celebrate like Ronaldo. That might be fun for him, said the former winger of RBK and Bodø/Glimt.

FAMILY TOGETHER: Milan Jevtovic is finally reunited with his family – and has been very impressed on the pitch.

The last time the Vikings lost an away game was last summer, against Odd at Skien. This time too, the Rogalending family did not have an easy journey.

In his first game since the start for Odd, it was Mikael Norø Ingebrigtsen who sent the hosts into the lead. When sneaking into the normally solid Viking defenses, Troms’ weather proved ruthless.

From 16 meters he sent the ball effortlessly into the net, which Viking goalkeeper Patrik Gunnarsson cleared.

It looked to be the deciding goal for long, but two minutes from full time, substitute Kevin Kabran emerged and equalized for the visitors. The Vikings looked to take the points home to Stavanger – then Jevtovic popped up.

– This is probably the most boring thing about football. Losing all the time was very sour, Viking captain Veton Berisha concluded for VG.

Strikers have the advantage of finding a clean mask this season, but can’t worry for that reason.

– No, I’m not worried. Now I have two goalscorers so far. The goals came, said Berisha, who is still promising double-digit points this season without being specific.

CHEERS: Mikael Norø Ingebrigtsen scores his first goal for the Odds.

Zlatko Tripic won games in the Vikings’ first two games of the season, and almost gave the visitors a dream start against Odd. The star striker slipped to the back post, where he took a full volley. Leopold Wahlstedt was vigilant and made sure the account balance continued.

Odd Pål Arne “Paco” Johansen looked playful and discreet, and sharper than the away team before half-time. The hosts had the ball most of the time, without creating many chances.

A header from Tobias Lauritsen and a sky-high half-volley from close range from Espen Ruud, were the closest the blacks and whites had before the team change.

Those present at Skagerak Arena feared the worst when Veton Berisha came alone with the goalkeeper early in the second half, but the star striker is yet to score in the Eliteserien this season.

Tripic also got a chance alone with the goalkeeper, but that wouldn’t work for him either. Then substitute Kabran took responsibility and rolled the ball right into the furthest corner after a period of intense pressure from the visitors.

In a match where both teams could come out victorious, it was Jevtovic who had the honor of scoring the decisive goal. Then really take off in the Skagerak Arena.

Monday’s game against Odd was the start of a busy and tough week for the Vikings. On Thursday, they meet Bodø / Glimt in the cup semi-finals, before the same team comes to visit Stavanger for their elite league football match on Sunday.

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