Facebook cancels deletion of SGP anti-war video after extensive protests

After thousands of people for a week protested on social media against the removal of anti-war videos by Facebook produced by Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei (SGP) [Tysklands Socialist Equality Party], the tech company recovered the video on Sunday. This marks an important success, but it also raises fundamental political questions.

On Saturday, March 26, Facebook removed a video entitled “No Third World War! Against the Ukrainian war, NATO aggression and German rearmament!” without giving any reason, and without the possibility of objection. The SGP also did not receive a response to its request to recover the video immediately, and respect the party’s constitutional rights.

The removal was undoubtedly an act of political censorship. The video does not contain hate speech, does not violate any laws, and does not violate Facebook’s community policies. It was removed for purely political reasons, to silence those who opposed the deafening propaganda of war and the father

for a nuclear world war. The video emphatically condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but also shows how it was fueled by countless wars by NATO forces and Russian military sieges.

Above all, the video explains the program of international socialism, which provides the only way to end war and to prevent disaster. Unless the international working class intervenes independently and builds an international movement against war and capitalism, a world war is inevitable.

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