Facebook will start cracking down on fake and paid reviews

It’s true that Facebook has long cracked down on fake and paid reviews. But now we have seen a change in this, as he formalized his position. As The Verge points out, Facebook’s parent company Meta, recently updated the US Community Feedback Policy. And for what? Well, to ban fake and paid comments on their platform. Thanks to this, users will not be able to post fake reviews about a restaurant in hopes of getting free food. In addition, they will not accept bribes to leave a positive review of a product.

What else is known about Facebook’s ban on fake and paid reviews?

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This policy also prohibits “irrelevant” and spam reviews, as well as anything containing vulgar or offensive content. One of the things that undermines the power of this action is that Meta will extract policy-violating reviews. In addition, the company reserves the right to suspend access to some or all of its products. And what will happen to the offenders? These could face permanent suspension or ban from their Facebook account. Even businesses can lose access to product listings and labels.

The unrestrained increase in Facebook’s crackdown on fake and paid reviews may not be noticeable, as the new policy continues its existing strategy. It’s also uncertain how well the company’s announced commitments will hold up. Recall that Facebook removed 16,000 fake review groups last year in response to concerns from UK watchdogs. Nonetheless, there is no guarantee that it will catch all violators. However, the fact that the company has established a formal policy demonstrates a commitment to addressing the issue. In turn, that can help Meta back up its bans when abusers start complaining.

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