Facial recognition reaches several UK schools | Technology

Some schools are installing facial recognition systems in their cafeterias, a highly controversial technology.

News of the advent of facial recognition continues. If a few days ago we published that in the Moscow metro it was installed as a means of payment at 240 stations, now Financial time informed about his arrival to several schools in England.

The first thing to clarify is Facial recognition will not be installed at the central entrance, in its corridors or classrooms, but in the cafeteria. The alleged reason is that it will be used as another security measure in times of a pandemic, something that is perfectly understandable in a country that continues to suffer badly from the coronavirus.

This facial recognition system will be used to collect lunch in the cafeteria. Students must bring their face closer to the camera and they will automatically be charged.

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That nine schools will install it They are located in the north county of Ayrshire and the technology used will come from the CRB Cunningham company. As reported to the FT, the system You will not scan the environment in real time, but will serve as a detector “encrypted facial print“When ordered to do so.

The novelty has been well received and almost all parents, more than 97%, support to try it and have authorized its use with children. Even so, there critical voice of experts those who care about privacy and the desensitization that may exist in this regard if this technology is used from an early age.

In Spain, a very controversial case can be seen with public institutions that echo on Business Insider, but the situation is different when settling in the cafeteria and with parental consent. Even though, it definitely raises a lot of questions about its use in public spaces or where it is used with children.

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