Fausto Miño is also a motivator

The Ecuadorian singer and songwriter is the image of several brands. Promote Nat, a family business. Photo: COURTESY

Faust Mino she sings, dances, poses for famous brands and now also motivates entrepreneurs from all over the country; This encourages them to set and meet goals. He is an artist putting what he has learned into practice in “Hubbard management (a very special way of running a business),” he said.

splendor he became quite an expert after experimenting with his own business, since 2015.

Five years later he decided to share his knowledge with other Ecuadorians. Companies are looking for it all the time.

Songwriters like Baila mi vida, Sometimes it’s OK, You’re beautiful, Life is a game, among other things, using hers musical performances as a tool to train people; This is also supported by statistics.

Their meeting is very dynamic. It always invites reflection. On December 21, 2021, for example, he bid farewell to the year with a conference where he explained the importance of obstacles or barriers in everyday life.

“They are a part of life. It is necessary, but it is important to understand that we are much stronger”.

The participants, about 30 men and women, agreed with him. They also realize that it is people who sometimes pull their own barriers.

splendor relies on music to reach people’s minds and hearts with its message.

“I feel that music helps them emotionally. People need tools to prosper and very few have them. I found mine and I really love to share it with other dreamers.”

But the married artist and father of Joaquín and Samuel not only motivates entrepreneurs, he also supports couples.

He makes sure that his knowledge can be applied in the world of love. He uses it every day with his wife, Carmen Borja Salazar.


not me believe that a common long-term goal is not set. They think only of caring for and educating their children. ensure that for the relationship to prosper, both parties need to do their job, but that’s not always the case. To move forward, in all aspects of life, requires commitment and a lot of perseverance. “My personal opinion is that without a common goal beyond material things, life as a couple is just a social display.”

However, before setting a common goal, splendor suggest that each individual look at the house and define their personal goals. “Then they can set common goals that align with each other’s goals.” If they are successful, they will have many possibilities to work as a great team.

Entrepreneurship also needs goals

Sometimes people To do driven by some emotion and that is why it usually fails. It gives all its energy, every two or three years, in one or another entrepreneurshipin a never-ending circle.

Before setting up a business it is important, said splendorLet each person define their basic goals. To find out, it’s important to ask yourself two questions: what do I like the most? And for what? The answer must be convincing; they have to be strong.

“If you know your purpose, you can dedicate all your energies to a business that aligns with you in every way; You will not lack perseverance.” Therefore, it will be easier to meet the goals.

Fausto Miño, 42, during the ‘show’. Share the message of abundance on your Instagram account. Photo: Courtesy

During their meeting, the artist also talked to them about the importance of training in finance; You can go through quick courses, which are always offered and are currently trending.

With the new coronavirus pandemic, many people have lost their formal jobs and, in order to generate income, decided to start a business.

Currently, Fausto has more than 15 graduates. He has taken classes at Ecuador, Colombia, United States of America, Mexico you great Britain.

About your family

splendor Becomes father for the second time after arrival Samuelin November 2021.

“Being a father for the second time is beautiful and very different. Now I have less physical energy, but I also have more patience.” He added that he loved being the father of a preteen. His first son was named Joaquín and he loved his younger brother.

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