FC Barcelona: Piqu: “The press is controlled by various people who support the Super League”

GErard Piqu says what he thinks, without further ado, even if it means giving an opinion even towards his club. Center back Bara, in an interview with ‘skybet’, has been very critical of Superliga matters and has reviewed current affairs in Bara and himself, such as his audio controversy with Rubiales.

super league

“This has become a very political thing in Spain. The press is controlled by various people who support the Super League. It doesn’t look the same as in England, where I see how people are against it. In my opinion, you destroy football because only the big gainers. I don’t think that Madrid and Barcelona have played in the right way in this regard. With this opinion I am against my club but I fully understand the position of Barcelona, ​​​Madrid and Juventus.Fans don’t think it’s the best way to do something. It is clear that the management in the Premier League is the best and in Italy it is a little bit worse than in Spain. In Spain it has improved a bit compared to the 90s.”

Audio with Rubiales

“Controversy has been a nightmare because here in Spain it’s like that, it’s a cultural issue when you talk about so much money. No one pays attention to the Super Cup, it’s similar to the Community Shield, but the Community Shield is full of people. It proved to be a success. I understand people who don’t want it to be played in Saudi Arabia, but I don’t decide, it’s the Federation. I’ve always said that football and sport open up the country. In 1966, with Franco, they gave us the 1982 World Cup and Franco was a dictator. We have to give these people a chance.”

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