FIFA 22 offers 77% of digital sales in the UK

FIFA 22 It arrived on the first day of the month and has since enjoyed excellent sales, such as for three weeks in a row we’ve seen it atop the UK sales charts (first week, second week, third week). However, this sales table only takes into account the physical edition, which represents only 23% of total game sales according to new data.

Shortly after its launch, Electronic Arts He has already boasted that FIFA 22 arrived record-breaking, despite the fact that in the UK territory it has sold 35% less than FIFA 21 last year, but this only takes into account the physical version. According to data from the GSD, physical sales only account for 23% of the total for FIFA 22.

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According to this data 77% of FIFA 22 launch sales were on digital platforms, marking growth over the past year. According to data provided by Electronic Arts, More than 89 million games have been played on FIFA 22 across all platforms since launch.

[FIFA 22] it has been played in more than 200 countries, with an average of 89 million games per day, adding 2.1 million of them and a total of 46 billion minutes played; equivalent to nearly 87.8 million years of gameplay and over 5 billion goals scored”, Electronic Arts at the launch of FIFA 22.

One week after launch FIFA22, Electronic Arts revealed that they are considering ending their relationship with FIFA to use a different name for the game EA Sports. Shortly thereafter, FIFA accused EA of exploiting its license and said it was working with a new developer. Although it has not been officially announced, the new name of Electronic Arts’ soccer game is expected to be EA Sports FC.

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FIFA 22 maintains its success despite controversy, as FIFA 22 Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch was criticized for being a port of FIFA 19. Remember that too You can listen to the full soundtrack FIFA 22 and FIFA 22 VOLTA via Spotify and other streaming services.

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