First details and trailer of the new game in the saga

During Sony’s press conference at CES 2022, the company announced new information about its upcoming Virtual Reality device. Apart from offering lots of new details on PlayStation VR 2, it has been confirmed that Horizon: Call of the Mountain will be a new game in the franchise and will come exclusively to this platform.

Horizon Call of the Mountain is being developed by Guerrilla Games, the studio that created the franchise, and Firesprite, one of the UK studios focused on virtual reality games and was recently acquired by Sony. This will be an original game made especially for PSVR 2 and according to current news from the PlayStation blog, will allow players to “investigate the world of Horizon.”

Here he is Horizon: Call of the Mountain first teaser trailer:

No release date shared, but the video description on YouTube does provide some additional information about the game, mentioning that Horizon Call of the Mountain “embrace new levels of unique experiences, designed to drive hardware technology, innovation and playability“.

Although details are scarce, Horizon Call of the Mountain is likely to take advantage of many of the new features announced for PlayStation VR 2including new 4K HDR visuals and a 110-degree field of view with a new OLED display, player eye tracking via the built-in camera, and new Sense technology that combines eye tracking, helmet feedback, and 3D audio. PSVR 2 also includes a built-in motor that provides physical feedback to the user.

Firesprite has launched as a brand new one for PlayStation Studios, publishing a new to-do list for what appears to be an ambitious AAA narrative adventure. And while the studio may be planning multiple projects, at least we already know that one of them is Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

Horizon: Forbidden West, the next game in the franchisecoming to PS4 and PS5 in just over a month.

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