First film and entertainment studio in space to open in 2024

That the first film and entertainment studio in space It will launch, it is predicted, in December 2024.

the company will Space Entertainment Company (VIEW), a UK-based media company that develops cross-platform content.

The company, which is also co-producing the upcoming space film Tom Cruise, detail that it will be a module on the space station, built by Axiom Space. In addition, there will be sports and entertainment venues, as well as a film production center.

SEE COO Richard Johnston added in the statement that the opening of space studies This will be an opportunity for those who dream of a science fiction future “inspired by Jules Verne or Star Trek.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for humanity to step into a different realm and start an exciting new chapter in outer space,” he said.

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multipurpose studio

Studio that already has a name, VIEW-1, will serve to shoot movies and will also be able to host sporting, music and television events.

In this way, it will be available to artists and producers who want to create content in a microgravity context suitable for production, recording and live broadcasting.

The construction will be carried out by Axiom Space, a company that has devoted itself to adventures such as space tourism; and that in January 2020 obtained approval from NASA to reform the International Space Station, collecting Variation.

“SEE-1 represents a tremendous opportunity for humanity to start a new chapter in outer space”; says SEE co-founder Elena Lesnevsky, who will launch a funding campaign for the project.

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