Fiserv defends responsible business practices and invites us to invest in sustainable systems

Today, organizations must be socially responsible; because it is one of the main operational axes for generating positive impacts on the environment in which they occur: People, society and the environment. For this reason, Fiserv, a leading technology solutions company for payments and financial services, shares the latest Corporate Social Responsibility Reportreveals its proactive approach to empowering people, advancing communities, championing responsible business practices, and investing in sustainable systems to create positive results.

Fiserv, Inc.a leading global provider of financial services and payment technology solutions, today launched Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report 2021; establish a proactive approach to empowering communities, advancing communities; uphold responsible business practices and invest in sustainable systems to create positive results.

The 2021 report is in line with the reporting standards of the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and highlights achievements in the four environmental pillars; social and corporate governance (ESG).

“Our approach to corporate social responsibility reflects our global presence and is embedded in the way we deliver solutions and services every day as part of society’s financial fabric. We advance our CSR and ESG reporting programs and encourage engagement from our partners as we seek to advance our communities and societies in meaningful and impactful ways.”

Neil Wilcox, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Fiserv.

Empowering People

Diversity and inclusion are critical to creating an innovative and inclusive work environment at Fiserv. Globally, 27% of senior leadership are women, and in the United States (US) 34% of the workforce is racially or ethnically diverse.

Fiserv has forged strong partnerships with historically black colleges and universities, as well as the National Black MBA Association (National Black MBA Association); thereby creating a diverse portfolio of candidates for future finance roles. He has been awarded the 2021 Silver Torch (silver torch 2021) in recognition of its efforts to promote equal opportunities for minority professionals.

Fiserv actively welcomes veterans into its workforce through its military community engagement program, Greetings; and received multiple awards in 2021, including inclusion on the Forbes list of Best Employers for Veterans.

Low part FiservCares provide charitable grants to eligible partners experiencing difficulties due to disasters; and charitable organizations in the communities where Fiserv associates live and work.

Advancing Community and Society

Fiserv believes that its platform and global reach can create positive change in the communities in which it operates. In 2021, the Fiserv . initiative Back2Business, which initially allocated $10 million to support minority small businesses negatively impacted by the pandemic, was increased to $50 million. To date, Back2Business has awarded more than 1,400 grants of $10,000 each in the US and UK.


Outside of Back2Business, Fiserv’s philanthropy provides a total of over $6 million to more than 180 organizations worldwide. During the corporate campaign Giving Season, partners, together with company contributions in equal amounts; they donated nearly $600,000 to more than 1,200 community groups and volunteered for more than 3,500 hours. Using the portal Fiserv Gives Backassociates donated nearly $1 million and more than 8,000 volunteer hours to more than 2,000 causes.

Fiserv’s offices in Colombia, Mexico, and Panama are focused on supporting three non-profit organizations: Cultivating the Smile Foundationwhich provides safe homes for girls at high social risk; parenting, which works with rural communities to assist projects that contribute to social, economic and environmental development; you Open Door Foundationwhich helps undernourished populations by providing them with access to quality nutrition.

Fiserv also partners with a number of philanthropic organizations and community groups to provide programs designed to support small businesses. In collaboration with the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse University; Fiserv is a founding member of the Coalition for Veterans Business (CVOB); the first national initiative to support successful businesses owned by veterans, service members, and military spouses.

Enforcing Responsible Business Practices

Highlighting the importance of ESG for responsible business, Fiserv’s board of directors amended its corporate governance and nominating committee charter to formalize committee oversight of programs, policies; ESG disclosure and reporting, and responsibility for identifying, assessing and monitoring ESG-related trends, opportunities and risks that could materially affect the company. In addition, the talent and compensation committee is responsible for overseeing the human resource strategy; including with respect to diversity, equality and inclusion, commitment to talent and culture.

It is imperative that Fiserv and its partners operate ethically to best serve their customers, communities, partners and fellow associates to create a responsible business. All Fiserv associates must participate in anti-bribery and corruption training; and Fiserv against labor abuse as set out in Modern Slavery Declaration.

Investing in Sustainable Systems

Efforts to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions continue to be carried out. In 2021, Fiserv is expanding its Scope of 3 GHGs (Scope 3 GHGs) to include categories outside of business travel.

By 2021, 250,000 tonnes of paper were recycled, resulting in nearly 375,000 pounds of CO . emissionstwo avoided, 1.3 million cubic meters of landfill space were conserved, 4.3 million trees were conserved, 7.1 million gallons of water were saved, and more than 585 million kWh of energy were saved.

Fiserv has made progress in reducing its emissions footprint by eliminating redundant data center operations and moving away from the real estate space, enabling responsible business. To date, more than 30 data centers have been consolidated. For all new offices and facilities, implementing green building design principles is a priority.

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