Flying police, a reality in England thanks to engine propulsion

Despite looking like science fiction, British Police have made demonstrations with real ‘jetpacks’, some gadgets that allow agents to fly with engine drive.

As shown in the video, taking off and landing with this system is simple and the only downside is the noise from their machine.

“It’s really hard, but surprised to see something like thisSo science fiction in a lot of ways,” said Martin Hewitt, head of the UK’s National Police Council.

The police forced themselves not to believe what they had, literally, in their hands. But it’s real, it’s about advanced system which makes it possible to catch criminals in seconds.

“The benchmark will really be superhero movies“, points out Richard Browning, CEO of the company Gravity.

Even though this is a demonstration in a fictional setting, seeing the Police fly like superheroes is possible common occurrences in the near future. Something the British navy is also testing.

Maybe we are used to seeing images like this only on the screen, but this kind of advanced technology has become a reality.

Rockie Steve

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