Ford: Faster in the sand

We’ve moved on to the fact that the Raptor, like in the Ranger or in the F-150, means something that feels a little adventurous. Slightly faster, slightly more extreme properties.

Here you have a car that really looks like your dream of a long jump over the sand dunes can come true.

This one has a body that is quite different from the original. Everything that could make it look “bad” is in its place. Including the grill which seems to belong to the widest segment.

That may not be the case, but the Raptor is 25 cm wider than the standard version – easy to spot, in other words.

Some width is used to make the 37-inch tires follow the law and stay out of the body.

The suspension, which by all accounts is decent in the first place, is also overhauled, first and foremost with an improved Fox damper with something they call a semi-active damper, and with a reservoir on the outside so the oil doesn’t start foaming.

The suspension is 33 cm running at the front and 36 at the rear and the ground clearance is 33 cm – 12 cm more than usual.

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The engine will be an EcoBoost 3-liter V6 with twin turbo which Ford says will have horsepower figures starting at four – a bit far from the 315 you find in the Bronco Wildcat.

The axles are taken from the Bronco Desert Racer, which means the track width is 18cm wider, but the low gear has a longer-than-standard gear ratio: 67.7:1 against 94.75:1.

The Raptor’s higher torque should compensate for that. Fishing for crabs is also an important trait for these people.

But then there are four doors.

Bronco has a catalog that lets you pick and combine just about anything you can think of.

But not with the Raptors.

There are four doors too!

Jalopnik is explained by the fact that it was chosen for its stability on the road at high speeds. And the long wheelbase makes it better suited to some of the conditions that take place in the desert – apparently.

The long wheelbase also makes it possible to move all the oversized exhaust components to the center of the car. As such, space has been found for the towing latch – and thus the car gets the best towing capacity of any Bronco.

Raptor also means you have to dig deeper. Here we end up with $70,000 – 20,000 more than the base model.

Sales begin in March, the first of which will ship ready for the summer holidays.

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